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If you're interested in professional Buffalo LSAT prep to help you feel prepared on exam day, Varsity Tutors is the only resource you need to turn to. The Law School Admission Test, or LSAT, is a standardized test written to help business schools such as the University at Buffalo School of Law make informed decisions about which applicants to admit to their programs. The exam is accepted by credible law schools throughout the United States and Canada, making it the standardized exam to take if you hope to work as a lawyer someday.

We specialize in matching students like you with the test prep services you need to pursue your dreams. If you want to study for the test in a classroom environment, you can take a Buffalo LSAT prep course and learn under the tutelage of a knowledgeable instructor. If you would prefer to receive personalized attention, we can find you an expert Buffalo LSAT tutor instead. Keep reading to learn more about how we might be able to help you.

What topics can I expect to cover during my Buffalo LSAT prep?

The LSAT contains a total of four sections: Reading Comprehension, Analytical Reasoning, Logical Reasoning (two), and Writing. Each section has a duration of 35 minutes, so you need to work quickly if you hope to answer every question on the exam. The first three sections utilize multiple-choice formats and contribute to a score between 120 and 180. They are administered on special tablets provided by the testing center, so you tap your responses instead of filling in a bubble. These tablets come equipped with several features to help you out on test day, including highlighting functionality, a timer with an automatic five-minute warning when you're running out of time, and flagging capabilities to quickly return to tricky test items.

Your essay does not receive a numeric grade but is instead submitted as a writing sample with every application you send out. You do not compose your essay on a tablet, and in fact, must arrange to take it in a separate testing session from the rest of the exam. You are required to sit for the Writing section no less than one calendar year from when you took the rest of the LSAT.

Here is some more information about what you'll see in each section of the exam:

Reading Comprehension

The assessment's Reading Comprehension section provides dense, long-form passages designed to replicate the types of material that practicing lawyers work with on a daily basis. You are expected to identify a passage's main idea and supporting details, how the author uses stylistic choices such as tone to advance their point, infer information based on what you read, use context to define unfamiliar words and phrases, and note how a piece is organized. Your testing tablet has a highlighting function, and it is highly recommended to put it to use here.

Analytical Reasoning

The LSAT's Analytical Reasoning section measures how well a test-taker can internalize and draw conclusions from the relationship between two things. Items may ask you to reason through conditional statements, evaluate truth statements (determining what could or must be true based on the information you have), and recognize logically-equivalent statements. If you remember studying logic problems in high school math, these questions have a comparable format.

Logical Reasoning

The examination's Logical Reasoning section assesses how well the test-taker can make and analyze arguments: an extremely important skill for lawyers. You are expected to draw valid conclusions using evidence, utilize reasoning by analogy, identify logical flaws in a case, recognize points of disagreement or misunderstanding, and identify how new, hypothetical information might impact a case. Material is drawn from a myriad of sources on this section, including ads, informal discourse, newspapers, magazines, and academic journals.


Finally, the LSAT's Writing section consists of one essay prompt about a decision problem. You are presented with two potential courses of action and are asked to select one and defend your choice in an argumentative essay. Which choice you select does not impact how law schools see your work, as they are concentrating on your argumentation skills. Law schools are looking for students who can make their case concisely, so writing more isn't always better.

What are some of the benefits of each of the Buffalo LSAT preparation options available to me?

If you choose to take a Buffalo LSAT prep class, you'll study on our live virtual platform with a knowledgeable teacher and a handful of other students preparing for the same test. Our platform supports real-time interactions, so you'll feel as though you are all sharing a physical classroom even if you are on opposite sides of the country.

Working with other students also offers several advantages you may not immediately think of. For instance, your class might outline a Writing prompt and then share what you came up with to help you approach problems from multiple perspectives. You can also share test-taking strategies you can fall back on if you get stuck on exam day. For example, you are often best served by taking a guess and moving on since there is no penalty for guessing on the LSAT. Sharing your classroom with other students also means that you can share the expense of your test prep to make it more affordable for everyone.

Alternatively, a private instructor can design sessions around your unique learning style to improve your study efficiency. You are also free to progress at your own pace, whether that means skipping over concepts you find easy or asking for further clarification to enhance your understanding of a particular topic. Best of all, sessions take place on our exclusive Live Learning Platform to take the hassle out of private study sessions.

How do I enroll in Buffalo LSAT prep today?

Just use the contact information on this page to reach out to an educational consultant who can walk you through the process. Varsity Tutors looks forward to assisting you with all of your Buffalo LSAT prep needs!

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