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If you are an aspiring teacher who is interested in becoming an English instructor overseas, Varsity Tutors can enroll you in an Atlanta TEFL certification training course that can help you work towards your career goals. TEFL refers to Teaching English as a Foreign Language, especially in countries where English is not widely spoken. A TEFL certification shows that you have completed the coursework necessary to teach English language skills in a classroom setting and plan lessons for foreign language learners, and it can open up thousands of professional teaching opportunities for you as a fluent or native English speaker. Not every country requires you to have a TEFL certification, but it is still highly preferred by employers and can help you earn a higher salary as you travel around the world.

If you are in the midst of a TEFL certification program or you are planning to enroll in one, you have almost certainly completed at least some of the education that you will need either in high school or as a student at Georgia State University. This doesn't mean that you cannot benefit from enrolling in a supplemental Atlanta TEFL certification class. For one thing, such a class will give you the chance to study with a qualified and experienced instructor who knows about the TEFL certification process and what teaching English as a foreign language is really like. They can lead you and your fellow students in lectures and learning activities that act as a review of the skills and knowledge you might need to be a successful teacher yourself. Working with an instructor can also help you get used to the type of teaching that you will experience as you complete your actual certification course. Your Atlanta TEFL certification class can also give you the chance to study with other students who are also preparing for their TEFL certification. This kind of collaborative learning can give you the chance to practice some of your teaching skills, engage in group learning activities, and possibly cover material that you may not have considered if you were studying alone. Many studies have shown that working with others can help students of all ages and skill levels succeed in their classes, so feel free to take full advantage of these supplemental online classes and the chances you will have to study with others.

One of the best reasons to enroll in an Atlanta TEFL certification course is that it is often more convenient than enrolling in another college course. The course is entirely online, so you won't have to worry about commuting to a physical classroom to participate in it. As long as you have a good computer and a stable Internet connection, you can log into the virtual classroom from your own home or wherever you prefer to study. You can also choose between enrolling in a two-week course or a four-week course, with new sections opening up every month. This means that no matter how busy your schedule may be due to work or school, you should be able to find a course that fits conveniently into your schedule.

Although your Atlanta TEFL certification training can prepare you for the certification program itself, you will still need to qualify for the program. There are several avenues to earning a TEFL certification, and the specific requirements will vary depending on the organization that offers it, but you will almost always need a high school diploma or a GED and have fluent and proficient English skills. You also need to be able to complete a university-level course, complete with extensive reading, homework, exams, and student teaching. According to internationally recognized standards, you might also need to meet certain standards such as completing at least 100 hours of coursework and between six and 20 hours of practicum, which involves live practice teaching and observation with a non-native English speaker. You do not need to have a four-year degree or teaching experience to obtain a TEFL certification, although some countries do require you to have a four-year degree in addition to the certification. It's best to do some research or speak to your instructor during your Atlanta TEFL certification course to know if you will need a degree to teach where you wish to go.

Most TEFL certification programs can be completed either online or through in-person classes in as little as a few weeks. However, this does not mean that the process is easy. Many who have completed their certification programs have reported that it is every bit as difficult and intense as any college course you can take. You will need to learn some very strict time management skills, something that an Atlanta TEFL certification class can help you with. This class can help you organize and prioritize your time so that you can stay on top of your assigned reading, your homework, and the exams you will need to take as part of the certification program. These time management skills might also come in handy when you do become an English teacher abroad. You will need to be able to manage your time in the classroom both for your sake and the sake of your students. An experienced instructor might be able to give you some advice on how to handle this, as can some of your fellow students who may have already had teaching experience.

An Atlanta TEFL certification training course might also be able to give you some ideas on some different learning activities that you can use in the classroom. Much of this is something that comes with experience, but you will need to know what to do to get started in the classroom. Once again, your instructor and fellow students might be able to recommend some lessons and activities that you have never thought about before.

Finally, an Atlanta TEFL certification course can be a great refresher for you if you need to brush up on your English language skills. English is a difficult language to learn, far more than most native speakers realize. There are countless rules that you need to remember as well as exceptions to those rules. There is almost certainly something that you have forgotten or something that you just don't think about very often that you will need when you begin teaching. Paying attention in your supplemental online course as well as your certification course can be a great review of the more challenging aspects of the English language.

Teaching English as a second language in a country where it isn't widely spoken can make for a fun and interesting career, and obtaining a TEFL certification can certainly open up plenty of job opportunities for you. Even if you plan to teach in a country that doesn't require this certification, you are still highly encouraged to seek it out. If you need help with the certification process, Varsity Tutors can enroll you in an Atlanta TEFL certification training course that can help you feel more prepared and confident. For more information about the TEFL certification process or to enroll in a course yourself, contact Varsity Tutors today. Our education experts will be happy to answer your questions.

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