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If you need some extra help with earning your Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) certification, Varsity Tutors can enroll you in a Phoenix TEFL certification course. TEFL certification presents thousands of excellent professional opportunities to native and fluent English speakers for teaching English all around the globe.

Though certification does not require a degree in education or prior teaching experience, you will find that in some countries having a four-year degree is required whereas, in other countries, you can get hired with just your TEFL certification. Most TEFL certification programs require that you have your High School Diploma or your GED, that you are proficient and fluent in English, and that you have the ability to complete a university-level course that incorporates extensive reading, homework, papers, quizzes, tests, lesson plans, and student teaching/observation (practicum). You must pass the course as well as fulfill the practicum requirements to get your certification.

Some internationally recognized standards state that professional-level TEFL certification must meet specific criteria such as having 100 hours of coursework, having 6-20 hours of practicum, and having an accredited curriculum from a recognized, independent organization within the field provided by a qualified instructor.

Whether you are taking a class at the Downtown Phoenix campus of Arizona State University or the University of Arizona, or whether you are participating in another program that's either online or in person, you may find it beneficial to participate in a Phoenix TEFL class that will connect you with a well-versed instructor that can help guide you and support you as you study the necessary material to pass your program and earn your certification.

One of the benefits that you can find with a Phoenix TEFL course is the amount of interactivity that the course provides. Your instructor can involve you in many different learning activities that are designed to be engaging and comprehensive on subjects such as planning and delivering effective lessons that meet learning objectives and promote productive learning. Your instructor can also lead lectures about the material you need to know, such as teaching the five major elements of language learning: reading, writing, speaking, listening, and pronunciation.

With a Phoenix TEFL course, you can also have the added advantage of studying with your peers who are after similar goals when it comes to certification. This can form a collaborative learning environment where students discuss the material, share their perspectives, and offer their expertise to one another. You can also request individual time with your instructor if you aren't understanding a concept such as managing a classroom. The one-on-one attention you can receive can help you form a deeper comprehension of the subject.

Your instructor can also help you learn better time management skills which are important to pass your program, because you must make time for TEFL coursework, finishing your assignments, and meeting deadlines.

Phoenix TEFL certification training is meant to be convenient which is why all lessons take place virtually. You will be able to interact with your other classmates and your instructor as though they were there with you. You can decide whether you'd rather participate in a two or four-week course, and since the sections begin monthly and occur on different days, you can pick out a course that's going to fit your schedule.

When you decide to enroll in a Phoenix TEFL certification class, you can take advantage of the many benefits that are available from your instructor and the other students in order to reach for your full potential when it comes to gaining your certification through your chosen program. If you are ready to get started with Phoenix TEFL certification training, reach out to an educational consultant at Varsity Tutors and let us help you begin.

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