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Varsity Tutors can enroll you in a comprehensive Ann Arbor NCLEX prep course to help you prepare for every facet of the exam. The NCLEX, or National Council Licensure Examination, is a standardized assessment administered by the National Council of State Boards of Nursing, Inc. (NCSBN) to evaluate whether an entry-level nurse has the academic knowledge and pragmatic skills required to complete their professional duties. There are actually two different NCLEX exams: one for Registered Nurses (NCLEX-RN), and another for Practical and Vocational Nurses (NCLEX-PN).

Both exams are cumulative, meaning that nearly everything you've studied at a local nursing school such as University of Michigan - Ann Arbor or Eastern Michigan University could appear on test day. Needless to say, that means you have a lot of material to go over. If the sheer scope has you feeling overwhelmed, taking an Ann Arbor NCLEX class can help you break everything down into more digestible components. Keep reading to learn more about how we might be able to help you.

What concepts are generally covered in an Ann Arbor NCLEX course?

Much as Registered Nurses and Practical Nurses have considerable overlap in their jobs, so too do their corresponding NCLEX exams. You'll want to study concepts such as infection control, patient comfort, psychosocial integrity, pharmacological therapies, and physiological adaptation to prepare for either test. If you're having a hard time understanding any of these topics, your teacher can provide real-world examples to help them feel more useful.

Many students also take an Ann Arbor NCLEX class to develop a familiarity with the formatting they can expect on test day. Both NCLEX exams utilize computerized-adaptive technology (CAT), a fancy way of saying that the system picks your next question based on how you're faring so far. This may make you self-conscious, as it can be easy to fall into the trap of thinking what a question means relative to your performance on the last one as opposed to concentrating on the item in front of you. If you're prone to losing your focus like this, your instructor can share test-taking strategies to help you avoid doing so on exam day.

What are some of the advantages of enrolling in an Ann Arbor NCLEX course?

Every course we provide entails a knowledgeable instructor meeting with a group of students at a set time each week on our proprietary Live Learning Platform. We interview every course instructor, so you can count on studying under the tutelage of a great communicator with a wealth of NCLEX knowledge for you to draw upon. As a result, any questions asked can be answered in a timely fashion.

Our Live Learning Platform also makes studying as convenient as possible. It's mobile-friendly, allowing you to take out your favorite mobile device at a local library, coffee shop, or even your own home to attend a class. Features such as a virtual whiteboard and video chat ensure that your class is just as effective as if you attended a more traditional class, so you don't have to compromise quality for convenience.

Studying in a group also offers several advantages over trying to go it alone. For example, let's say you're struggling with how a nurse can mitigate the spread of infection. A class-wide discussion on the topic may prove more engaging than a teacher's lecture, helping you retain the information. You can also try to explain a challenging concept to a peer in order to further both of your understandings. Many students find working in a collaborative learning environment to be superior to independent study, so be sure to make the most of having other students in your virtual classroom.

You also get tremendous value for your money working in a group. If you ever feel like you need personalized attention to overcome a stubborn learning obstacle, you may also arrange private study sessions with your teacher on an as-needed basis.

Perhaps most importantly, we strive to make attending a course feasible for busy students like you. We offer several course sessions simultaneously, including two-week and four-week options to make it easier to find something you can commit to attending regularly. New courses also launch monthly, so you never need to wait too long before getting started.

Can I sign up for a formal Ann Arbor NCLEX course today?

Absolutely. Reach out to Varsity Tutors using the information on this page to speak with an expert educational consultant who can address any questions you might have about our convenient enrollment process. You'll be signed up for an Ann Arbor NCLEX class before you know it!

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