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If you feel that you could benefit from an Actuarial Exam SRM course, Varsity Tutors offers private Actuarial Exam SRM prep classes that provide individualized instruction as you work toward your educational goals. Actuarial Exam SRM is one of the tests actuarial candidates may take en route to earning SOA (Society of Actuaries) certification. It places a strong emphasis on regression models, time series models, principal component analysis, decision trees, and cluster analyses. One of our Actuarial Exam SRM prep courses might be a good choice if you need help preparing for any of these topics!

One of the first topics typically discussed in an Actuarial Exam SRM course is the formatting and content on the test. Actuarial Exam SRM is a multiple-choice test containing 35 questions over a three and a half hour testing session. The following table provides information on which topics you should expect and how they are weighted:

LEARNING OBJECTIVES Description Percentage of test
1. Topic: Basics of Statistical Learning Concepts of statistical learning (7.5-12.5%)
2. Topic: Linear Models Understanding of generalized linear model concepts (40-50%)
3. Topic: Time Series Models Regression-based time series model concepts. (12.5-17.5%)
4. Topic: Principal Components Analysis Principal component analysis concepts. (2.5-7.5%)
5. Topic: Decision Trees Key concepts relating to tree models (10-15%)
6. Topic: Cluster Analysis Cluster analysis concepts. (10-15%

Notably, Actuarial Exam SRM is designed with certain prerequisites in mind. Test-takers are assumed to be familiar with the basics of probability (as tested on Actuarial Exam P), calculus, and mathematical statistics (as tested on VEE Mathematical Statistics). If your skills in any of these areas have become rusty, a private Actuarial Exam SRM class offers the flexibility to go back and review them. Competing Actuarial Exam SRM classes often lack this freedom, instead of sticking to a set curriculum whether it fits a specific student or not.

Each Actuarial Exam SRM class we offer provides one-on-one instruction. Your knowledgeable teacher may be able to design study sessions around your unique needs to promote study efficiency. For example, if you are comfortable working with linear models, you can concentrate on other topics instead. Likewise, the style of instruction may be adapted to your needs. If you are a visual learner, your instructor may provide visual aids to help illustrate any concepts that aren't clicking. Alternatively, a Q&A format might be utilized to help an auditory learner remember how to perform cluster analysis.

HEre are some of the things you'll be expected to know and apply during the Actuarial Exam SRM:

Expected Existing Knowledge (Non-Comprehensive)

  • Explain the types of modeling problems and methods, including supervised versus
    unsupervised learning and regression versus classification
  • The components of, in particular, the exponential family of distributions
    and link functions
  • Concepts and components of stochastic time series processes,
    including random walks, stationarity, and autocorrelation
  • Principal components
  • Explain the purpose and uses of decision trees
  • Explain the uses of clustering

Many students also take practice tests during Actuarial Exam SRM courses to develop a familiarity with the test's electronic interface. Actuarial Exam SRM is administered via Computer-Based Testing (CBT), meaning that you work on a computer instead of paper. This could prove disorienting if you do not prepare beforehand. If you have never taken an exam at a Prometric Testing Center before, you might also want to review the rules you'll need to know on exam day. For example, taking notes with you is strictly prohibited, so all of your studying has to be completed before your testing date.

We also try to make attending your Actuarial Exam SRM prep class as convenient as possible at Varsity Tutors. Our Live Learning Platform facilitates digital study sessions so that you don't need to worry about meeting your instructor in person. We also try to match each pupil with an instructor who fits into their schedule for added convenience.

Whether you're ready to enroll in a Varsity Tutors Actuarial Exam SRM prep course or would like to learn more about our services, please contact an Educational Consultant at your earliest convenience to get the process started. We can't wait to help you work toward your academic goals!

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