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I graduated Magna Cum Laude from the University of Texas at Dallas in 2014. This semester, I am going back to UTD to pursue my Masters degree. I moved to the U.S. five years ago and without even realizing it, I became my family’s private interpreter. Not long after that, I realized I could make a living connecting words and worlds. I became an interpreter and I did so for many years.

I am always fascinated by the fact that, nowadays, knowing a language can set you apart. It can make the difference between getting a scholarship, an internship, and even a job. I love languages because you can learn not only grammar and pronunciation, but beliefs, history and cultures.

Learning something new is NEVER easy! It takes time and patience, but once you "get it", you will feel amazing! Learning English changed my life and I want to help you change yours.

Undergraduate Degree:

 The University of Texas at Dallas - BS, International Political Economics

Graduate Degree:

 The University of Texas at Dallas - MS, Accounting

CrossFit, Karate, Piano, Running, Reading, Duolingo!

Conversational Spanish

Spanish 1

What might you do in a typical first session with a student?

Set clear goals. I need to know what YOU want to get from this session, so we can work together and develop a realistic plan.

How can you help a student become an independent learner?

By teaching her/him where to find the right tools that will guide her/him when I am not there. Education is learning to look for answers, not memorizing answers.

If a student has difficulty learning a skill or concept, what would you do?

Get creative!! I will help you think outside the box! Can we find something similar in English?