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I graduated from Auburn University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Zoology/Conservation Biology. During my time as a student at Auburn, I was able to participate in biological research conducted by the university such as being on a team gathering ecological data in Mexico and helping gather data for research on carnivores in Ecuador.
I continued my graduate studies at Auburn University, and I received my Master of Education for Biology Education. I am certified to teach Secondary Science, and I taught 7th grade Life Science for three years at Smiths Station Junior High. Teaching in a classroom was a wonderful experience, and I was always happy to be available for students who needed extra tutoring after school. I love helping students understand science, especially biology. Experiences like my research trips during college are why I am passionate about biology. My philosophy is that all students can learn, and I enjoy finding out a student’s learning style to better prepare them in their studies.

Undergraduate Degree:

 Auburn University - B.S., Zoology

Graduate Degree:

 Auburn University - M.Ed., Biology Education

Outdoors, biking, kayaking, yoga, reading, painting

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