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I have a strong educational background with an Electrical Engineering B.S.E. and an Industrial and Operations Engineering M.S.E., both from the University of Michigan. My experience in tutoring, currently at four years with no end in sight, is driven by my own passion for learning which I wish to instill in others. In the past, I have tutored everything from Kindergartners to college seniors in a potpourri of subjects.

I enjoy teaching Math and Writing the most because of my comprehensive knowledge of the former, and my love of the latter. I don't believe everyone needs to love a subject like Writing, yet they do need to be effective in it no matter what career they eventually pursue. To push that philosophy, my teaching style is Socratic. Students learn best by teaching and doing, not by being spoon fed information. Certainly, sometimes they need a helping hand, and other times they need to be in an environment like tutoring where they are allowed to be wrong without penalty. Failure is a vital step of learning.

Outside of tutoring, I play a variety of sports, though tennis is the only one I pursue on a competitive, advanced level. I am also a father, an aspiring screenwriter, and a jack-of-all trades type of person. My days are occupied by taking care of my daughter, writing, working on remodeling and fixing up my home, and attempting to stay in shape.

Undergraduate Degree:

 University of Michigan - BS, Electrical Engineering

Graduate Degree:

 University of Michigan - MS, Industrial and Operations Engineering

Tennis and other sports, Movies, Writing

AP Computer Science

AP Computer Science A



College Business

College Computer Science

College English

Electrical and Computer Engineering

Elementary School Math

High School Business

High School Computer Science

High School English

Industrial Engineering

Technology and Computer Science