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During my two years studying engineering at the Indian Institute of Technology, I dealt with many advanced math courses, and I have a natural talent when it comes to understanding mathematics. I majored in Philosophy for my undergrad studies, but I minored in Mathematics.

I underwent extensive tutoring myself to prepare for the SAT IIs where I managed to score very well in mathematics, physics and chemistry. For the GMAT I also performed well, earning a rather high percentile ranking in mathematics.

I tutored at the University of the West at the Student Success Center (2010 – 2011) teaching mathematics, English and computer skills. I also tutored two students in mathematics studying at ELAC and Mt. SAC respectively. I can teach math for the Advanced Placement Tests, SATs and GMAT. I worked as an independent contractor with Academic 1 on 1, tutoring inner city students as part of a federal program that was funded by No Child Left Behind and organized by LAUSD and Academic 1 on 1. I also worked for Bright Academy where I tutored three classes for pre-SAT students, SAT and AP Calculus Classes.

As an experienced tutor, I recognize the uniqueness of my students; I pride myself on being able to personalize my teaching approach depending upon the students and environment. The flexibility of my teaching approach allows my students to strengthen the foundations of their knowledge and improve their long-term comprehension of the subject. I work with students so that they can build a personal understanding of each of the subjects in order for them to remember what they learn. This creates an interactive classroom in which their input becomes invaluable towards their understanding of the subject. I create a positive and encouraging learning environment and have observed that those students who feel comfortable speaking and participating in class also learn the most. I instill in my students the confidence to be able to analyze new materials and work through problems on their own by leading them step-by-step through problems, valuing their answers, and patiently guiding them to the correct solution. Although this can be a long process, I am effective at staying within the time constraints given to me.

Undergraduate Degree:

 St Stephen's College - BA, Philosophy

Graduate Degree:

 University of the West - MBA, Business Administration

SAT Math: 800

SAT Chemistry: 780

SAT Physics: 760

GMAT Quantative : 49

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