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No matter where a student is at in their ACT prep, Varsity Tutors can help them sign up for the type of Tucson ACT prep sessions that can benefit them as they work to get ready to take the ACT. High school juniors and seniors begin thinking about the college application process, which often includes college admissions tests like the ACT. Many students in Tucson, including those at University High School and Empire High School, take the ACT as their chosen college admissions exam. Your score could play a role in your admission to the college you're interested in attending, so you may be motivated to put forward your best on this exam.

Whether you've just started getting ready for the ACT or you're right in the middle, you may be interested in making the most of the time you have before the day of the exam. Perhaps you're interested in getting a little extra support as you prepare. Varsity Tutors can connect you with a Tucson ACT tutor. Alternatively, if you're interested in a Tucson ACT prep course, we can help you enroll in a course that works with your scheduling needs. Read on to learn more about the ACT prep resources that can work for you.

What can I review with Tucson ACT prep?

There are four required sections on the ACT: Science, Reading, Math, and English. You have just under three hours to complete the exam. You do have the option to include the Writing section as well, which adds an extra 40 minutes to the testing time limit. Let's take a deeper look at each section of this test, so you can get an idea of what you can expect to see on the ACT.

You have one hour to complete the 60 multiple-choice questions on the Math section of the ACT. These questions aim to assess your understanding of the skills you should have learned throughout your educational career. You will need to demonstrate knowledge in a variety of concepts pertaining to topics in elementary and intermediate algebra, pre-algebra, trigonometry, and coordinate and plane geometry. You can score between 1 and 36 points.

The Reading section spans 40 questions with a 35-minute time limit. You will be presented with multiple reading passages with a variety of relevant questions. This section focuses on your reading comprehension skills, aiming to assess your ability to reason logically and use multiple sources of information to draw conclusions.

The English section of the ACT requires a solid grasp on time management. You will have 45 minutes to solve 75 questions centered around short passages of text. Most of the questions in this section task you with editing and revising the passages in varying degrees. You will need to have a solid grasp on writing style, grammar, tone, organization, and topic development.

Next, you're on to the Science section, which offers a 35-minute time period to answer 40 passage-based questions. These multiple-choice problems aim to assess your ability to analyze, reason, and problem-solve in a scientific setting. You will need to demonstrate an understanding of scientific investigation and procedures, data manipulation, and more. Among the subjects covered on this portion of the ACT are chemistry, physics, biology, and earth and space sciences.

If you opt to take the ACT with Writing, you will face an additional section that offers 40 minutes to complete an essay. You will be presented with a writing prompt that provides an issue alongside three perspectives of the same issue. Your essay response will need to be well-written and thought out in a logical way.

How can I benefit from Tucson ACT prep?

Varsity Tutors can help you identify the ideal type of ACT review for you, whether you'd rather participate in a collaborative prep course or private learning. Each option has its own unique benefits with many students opting to combine the two. Let's take a deeper look into how working with a private tutor or taking a preparation course can bolster your test review efforts.

An online ACT prep class can give you the opportunity to review for the ACT through interactive instruction held in a virtual classroom. Class sections start on a weekly basis to allow you the opportunity to join a class that fits into your schedule. You can even choose between two- and four-week sessions that can follow an ACT-focused curriculum under the guidance of an expert mentor who has the knowledge and experience needed to help you and your classmates get ready to tackle this comprehensive exam.

Alongside your classmates, you can talk and interact with your mentor throughout class activities, discussions, and demonstrations. Your mentor can take the time to introduce you and your classmates to test-taking techniques that can help you manage your time on the English section or quickly recall information as you work through the Math section. In between classes, you can even take advantage of one-on-one time with your instructor.

Perhaps you feel you would thrive more from personalized Tucson ACT preparation. One-on-one tutoring can follow a customized test review plan that is centered around your individual needs. Your mentor can assess your readiness to identify concepts, testing skills, and other factors that you need the most help with. If you feel confident in your readiness for the Science and Math sections, your instructor can focus your attention on helping you review for the Writing portion. An instructor can get to know your learning style, personality, interests, and testing goals to tailor your review sessions to appeal to your preferences.

How can I get signed up for Tucson ACT prep?

Varsity Tutors aims to help students figure out which ACT review method works best for them. Whether you'd rather learn under the guidance of a dedicated private instructor or you think that a Tucson ACT prep class has more to offer you, we can help you set up with the ideal method for you. Reach out to our educational consultants today for more information.

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