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Varsity Tutors can help you enroll in a Salt Lake City Praxis course and provide the guidance needed to further your teaching career. Aspiring teachers can benefit from a comprehensive review before taking this difficult test. All courses are taught by experienced instructors who cover the contents of the test and how it is formatted. Many state agencies in the U.S. require this test as part of the certification process to become a teacher. So the more prepared you are, the better your chances of earning a passing score. Whether you have attended the University of Utah or Brigham Young University, revisiting the fundamentals can help fill in any gaps you might have and help you feel more prepared on the actual day of the test.

What topics does a Salt Lake City Praxis class cover?
The Praxis test is a series of tests that are administered by the Educational Test Service. Its purpose is to ensure that those who wish to pursue a teaching career have the academic skills and subject-specific knowledge necessary to teach. The Praxis Core Academic Skills for Educators (Core) is a basic test that assesses proficiency in reading, writing, and mathematics. The Praxis Subject Assessments test measures knowledge of specific subjects that K-12 educators will teach as well as general pedagogical knowledge. All Praxis tests are administered on a computer.

The instructor for the Salt Lake City Praxis course you enroll in will provide a comprehensive review of what you'll be expected to know. Your instructor can also help you learn effective test-taking techniques. For example, there are no penalties given for answering a question incorrectly. Even if you don't know an answer, your teacher can teach you how to increase your chances of answering correctly through the process of elimination. Because there are different Praxis tests, the length of time for each varies. Your instructor can also teach you how to manage your time effectively so you're not rushing through the last few sections. A better understanding of what will be covered in the test and how it is formatted can help give you the confidence boost you need to pass.

What are the benefits of enrolling in a Salt Lake City Praxis class?
The Praxis test itself is by no means easy. Enrolling in a Salt Lake City Praxis prep course offers numerous advantages over studying on your own. Beyond covering the contents of the test, your instructor can lead thoughtful discussions where you'll be able to participate alongside other aspiring teachers. This benefits you directly as it provides an engaging way to review any topics that might be unclear. Other classmates in the class can also provide unique insights that complement any guidance you receive from the instructor.

As someone who is actively pursuing a teaching career, you undoubtedly have a busy schedule. If you're worried about not having enough time, you'll appreciate the fact that all classes are conducted online. That means you won't need to spend time commuting to a physical location. You can attend classes virtually with a computer and an internet connection. Just like in a classroom setting, you'll still be able to interact with your instructor and classmates using video chat and an online whiteboard. You can share your knowledge during group activities and receive immediate answers for anything that might be unclear to you. If you need additional help, you can always reach out to your instructor for one-on-one time outside of class.

If you prefer to receive private instruction, we can help connect you with a private instructor. One-on-one sessions give you the flexibility to focus on any areas you might need more help on. This could be anything including topics you'll be expected to know in the Core or Subject Assessments tests. Your instructor can help create a lesson plan that is specifically tailored to you. Whether you enroll in a Salt Lake City Praxis course or receive private instruction, either can help you towards your career as a teacher.

How can I enroll in a Salt Lake City Praxis class?
The Praxis test will likely be different than any you have taken during your studies. So you'll want to start making preparations as early as you can. Reach out to Varsity Tutors today for more information on enrolling in a Salt Lake City Praxis course. With all classes conducted online, you have the flexibility to take classes during the day, in the evening, or on the weekends. If you have any questions about the courses offered, our educational consultants are more than happy to help. Get in touch with Varsity Tutors today to sign up for a Praxis class that fits your schedule.

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