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If you've been looking into Richmond ACT prep options lately, Varsity Tutors can help you find the professional assistance you need to pursue your academic potential. The ACT is one of the most popular college entrance exams in the United States, accepted by undergraduate programs across the nation. Students from Trinity Episcopal School to Thomas Jefferson High School usually take it during their junior year so that they have the option of taking it again before they graduate. The ACT covers a range of academic topics a high school student would be expected to have studied, so preparing for it can feel daunting.

Luckily, we can connect you with expert test prep services such as a Richmond ACT prep course or a private Richmond ACT tutor to help you feel more confident heading into the exam. In a course, you'll attend weekly online sessions to go over key exam concepts. With a private instructor, you can concentrate on your unique areas of opportunity to enhance your study efficiency. Either way, you'll wonder how you ever studied for a standardized exam without expert help.

What topics does Richmond ACT prep typically cover?

The ACT is a paper-based exam with four required multiple-choice sections: Math, Reading, English, and Science. Each of these are scored on a scale from 1-36, but have different numbers of questions and amounts of time allotted. As a whole, the ACT lasts two hours and 55 minutes. There is also an optional Writing section that increases total testing time (without breaks) to three hours and 35 minutes. Some undergraduate schools require prospective students to include a Writing score on their application, so you may need to take it depending on the schools you plan to apply to. Here is a complete breakdown of the subject areas each section covers:


The ACT's Math section includes mathematical concepts typically taught in high school, including Pre-Algebra, elementary and intermediate algebra, plane and coordinate geometry, and trigonometry. You are expected to be able to graph numerous types of expressions, utilize the quadratic formula, and expand upon the trigonometry of right triangles, among other topics. You are permitted to use your calculator throughout the exam, and some of the questions assume that you will have one handy. You have an hour to answer 60 items on this section.


The test's Reading section measures your reading comprehension ability at a 12th grade level. You are tested on your ability to pick out the main idea and supporting details from a reading passage, differentiate between a fact and an opinion, understand relationships, accurately summarize what you read, and place potentially unfamiliar words and phrases into their proper context. You may also be asked to relate one text to another. You have 35 minutes to answer 40 questions (and read the associated passages) on this section.


The exam's English section also utilizes passage-based items, except the emphasis is placed on English language conventions such as grammar, tone, style, topic development, and organization instead of reading comprehension. Again, you are tested on material up to a 12th grade level. You have just 45 minutes to answer 75 questions on this section.


The ACT's Science section assesses your analysis, problem-solving, and data interpretation skills. Questions are drawn from multiple sciences, including Earth Science, biology, chemistry, and physics. You are also expected to know how to apply the scientific method to a problem and analyze the results of an experiment. Test-takers have a total of 35 minutes to answer 40 questions here.


Finally, the ACT's Writing section lasts 40 minutes. Students are provided with an issue as well as three different perspectives about it. Your task is to write about your own opinion on the topic provided, utilizing at least one of the provided perspectives in your analysis. Your opinion is not graded, so factors such as grammar, spelling, and how well you structured your essay are the sole determinants of your score. This section is scored on a scale from 2-12.

How can Richmond ACT preparation help me study for the test?

Varsity Tutors can help you find an ACT prep class or a one-on-one tutor to meet your needs. If you take a class, you'll study online with a knowledgeable teacher and several dedicated students who are taking the same test. Every teacher we work with has an extensive knowledge of the ACT for you to draw upon, so any questions you have can be addressed in a timely manner. Our live virtual platform allows for real-time interaction, so asking for help is as easy as raising your hand.

Some students might not want to share their instructor with other students, but doing so carries numerous advantages. First, you can split the cost of your test prep to make it more affordable for everyone. Second, you can help each other out to foster a more productive learning environment. For instance, you might swap active reading tips you can use to more efficiently approach the Reading and English sections of the test. You can also set up private study with your teacher if you need a little personalized attention.

If you want a lot of personalized attention, you can work with a one-on-one instructor instead. All study sessions take place on our proprietary online classroom, allowing you to meet with your tutor anywhere with a stable internet connection. There is no set curriculum associated with private instruction either, allowing you to learn at your own pace. For example, a great writer might be best served by spending the vast majority of their study time on the Science and Math sections to optimize their study time.

You can also take practice tests to get a sense for what the actual exam might be like. Time management is a key skill on every standardized exam, and experiencing what the time available to you feels like firsthand is one of the best ways to learn how to budget it.

Can I get started with Richmond ACT prep today?

Sure! You can use the contact form below to reach out to a knowledgeable educational consultant who can answer any questions you have concerning the suite of Richmond ACT prep options Varsity Tutors offers. You'll be glad you did!

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