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Varsity Tutors provides a convenient way for you to prepare for the Professional in Human Resources certification test, or PHR, through an online Philadelphia PHR certification training course. The PHR is a certificate that demonstrates your expertise in the different technical and operational aspects of human resources management. It also shows your commitment to workplace management practices that add value to an organization. Having your PHR certificate can make a big difference in your career by giving you more credibility as an HR expert and allowing you to negotiate higher compensation for your services.

The PHR is made up of 150 scored questions that are mostly multiple-choice items plus 25 pretest questions. You will be given three hours to complete the computer-based test, which can cover a wide range of topics, including business management, talent planning and acquisition, and learning and development activities. The exam is administered throughout the year, so you have more flexibility when it comes to preparing for the test. If you've earned your degree from a school such as the University of Pennsylvania or Temple University and you're planning to take the PHR certification, enrolling in the Philadelphia PHR certification course can make it easier for you to start and complete your test prep.

With a Philadelphia PHR certification training, you can prepare for the test entirely online. This is a convenient and practical way to study since you don't need to travel to a school or review center. You can learn about human resources topics covered in the test from the comfort of your home, at a café, or any distraction-free location of your choice. As long as you have an internet connection, you can log into our virtual classroom and start learning. Our virtual learning platform enables you to attend live class sessions with your instructor and peers. This is a collaborative online environment where you can have discussions and answer practice questions as if you were in a regular classroom. With the online class, we are able to offer more options for class times compared to traditional test prep classes. You can choose to take classes in the morning before going to work, or in the evening if you prefer to study towards the end of the day. Are you only available on weekends or in the middle of the day? We also have afternoon and weekend sessions, so you can easily fit a class into your busy schedule.

Aside from the convenience that the course offers, you will also be able to study under the guidance of an expert instructor. He or she can explain to you in detail the different types of questions you will find in the PHR test and help you become more familiar with the test's format. You can also learn different test-taking techniques from your instructor, such as how to spot tricky questions or avoid question traps, how to quickly eliminate incorrect answers in the choices, and how to use your time more efficiently when taking the test.

Need extra help with topics covered in the test, such as managing programs and policies that impact the employee experience or implementing compensation and benefits programs in compliance with federal laws? The Philadelphia PHR certification course also allows you to reserve one-on-one time outside of the online sessions if you need extra help from your instructor. Having access to this type of personal attention is another advantage that may not be as readily available in other courses.

If you're ready to start with your PHR test prep, call Varsity Tutors now, and we can assist you in enrolling in our Philadelphia PHR certification course.

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