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Varsity Tutors is here to help you connect with a private Philadelphia CFA tutor or online class that can help you when getting ready for this finance and investing accreditation exam. If you are concerned about this upcoming test, looking into a more formal review may help you more than simply trying to prepare for it on your own. The CFA covers topics and concepts you studied while attending Drexel University, the University of Pennsylvania, or another finance program in the local region. Whether you want to revisit concepts that you still struggle with, or you want a more comprehensive review, a Philadelphia CFA prep class or private instructor can benefit your preparation for this exam.

What materials are covered during Philadelphia CFA prep?

The Chartered Financial Analyst, or CFA, is a multi-level exam that grants accreditation to over 150,000 financial investors around the world. Additionally, while each level increases in difficulty as you progress, the content on the exam revolves around the same ten core topics and concepts. Topics include standards and procedures associated with corporate finance, fixed income, portfolio management, and more. Concepts focus on both knowledge and application of the ten topics within the profession of finance and investing as well as the ethics and professional conduct when working with clients.

The format of the CFA is just as important to understand as its content. Divided into three separate levels, this exam is described as sequential; this means that you must pass the initial level in order to move on to the next. In addition, each level does not receive a score based upon how many questions you get correct or incorrect. Instead, each level is assessed on a "pass" or "did not pass" evaluation. With both morning and afternoon sections for each level, this exam takes multiple hours to complete. It also boasts a variety of test questions ranging from essay questions, item set questions, multiple choice questions, and more.

How can I benefit from Philadelphia CFA prep?

Varsity Tutors offers both online tutoring and classes to meet your individual needs. Whether you would like to choose one option or both depends upon your individual needs. Some people prefer both options in order to get the collaboration of a class and the individual attention of a private instructor. Nevertheless, an instructor can help guide you on both the format and content of this exam. Let us look at the perks of each type of Philadelphia CFA prep in more detail.

The benefit of an online class is that you can have a more collaborative environment with other people planning on taking the same exam. This online class boasts features that allow you to communicate with your instructor and classmates in real time from the convenience of your computer. Both the live chat and interactive whiteboard features are important to our Live Learning Platform. This allows you to work with classmates on projects that can help better your understanding of quantitative analysis, or have your instructor break down federal investment laws in ways that make sense to you. Also, if you want more one-on-one assistance, you can schedule that with your instructor at any time outside of class.

If you want the individual focus that private tutoring affords, we can also help you connect with an instructor to work exclusively with you. This option is great if you already know what you specifically need to work on understanding better. Your CFA mentor can use your learning style in order to develop sessions that can explain core concepts and topics in multiple ways until you are ready to move on to the next area. This allows you and your mentor to decide what content is covered and for how long. If you excel in economics in general, you can briefly review and move on to spend more time on areas that need more attention and practice.

How can I connect with Philadelphia CFA preparation?

Regardless of whether you are interested in signing up for test preparation with a private tutor or virtual Philadelphia CFA prep course, you can have the opportunity to work with a knowledgeable instructor who can help you review. Online courses and tutoring offer schedule flexibility and the opportunity to work toward better understanding of vital concepts, materials, and questions on this examination. For more information about how to acquire professional Philadelphia CFA prep, contact us today. The educational consultants at Varsity Tutors are available to answer any questions you may have, provide further information, and help you decide which option might work better for your individual needs.

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