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If you're an aspiring CPA, Varsity Tutors would be happy to set you up with excellent Memphis CPA Exam prep opportunities. The Uniform Certified Public Accountant Examination, or CPA Exam, was designed to determine if the test taker has learned the skills and content necessary to perform the tasks and duties of an entry-level public accountant. The CPA is a requirement in 55 United States jurisdictions for those hoping to become a licensed CPA. This exam is a significant part of your professional journey and you'll want to take advantage of every resource available to you in order to prepare thoroughly. Signing up for Memphis CPA Exam prep can be the tool you need to put your best foot forward on test day. For more information about how CPA prep can help you, continue reading.

What topics and skills can be covered during Memphis CPA Exam prep?

The CPA Exam is made up of four different sections, each one taking four hours to finish. In order to become a licensed CPA, you must get a score of 75 or higher on each of the sections within an 18-month window. The sections you'll need to review for are Auditing & Attestation, Business Environment & Concepts, Financial Accounting & Reporting, and Regulation.

In order to review for the exam, Memphis CPA Exam prep can go over topics from assessing risk and developing a planned response to ethics, professional responsibilities, and federal tax procedures. You may also wish to review federal taxation of property transactions, entities, and individuals. These are all skills you are expected to have mastered if you took finance courses at a college or university such as the University of Memphis. This material and more can be covered during your prep sessions to help you feel more confident on exam day.

What are the benefits of signing up for an online Memphis CPA Exam prep course or private CPA instruction?

Varsity Tutors prides itself on providing you with two excellent CPA prep options. We can either sign you up for an online, interactive CPA course or get you connected to a private CPA teacher. Both options can help you to prepare for the exam more effectively than you might be able to on your own. Depending on your learning preferences, one option might work better for you than the other. Let's take a closer look at what each option provides.

If you enjoy a traditional classroom setting, a Memphis CPA Exam prep class might be the right option. Our classes are held online and are accessed through a virtual learning platform. Being able to attend your classes online allows you to receive instruction without commuting to campus. This means you're able to take your classes from the comfort of your favorite study spot. You can access the platform from anywhere you can find a computer and stable internet, such as the local public library, your favorite coffee shop, or sitting in your own living room.

The platform allows you to interact with your teacher during classes so you can see, hear, and ask questions during live sessions. You can also communicate with your classmates using the online platform. This enables you to engage in conversations which are relevant to the material and work on various group projects or activities. Social learning experiences can help a student learn the material more easily and provide insight into new ideas or perspectives.

Our classes are offered in two- and four-week segments. We start new sections every month so you can get started at any time of the year. You'll also be able to choose from a variety of class times so you can find one that fits into your schedule without having to shuffle priorities.

If you prefer a learning environment which is more independent, a private Memphis CPA Exam tutor could be the option for you. Private instruction provides the chance to receive one-on-one attention from an experienced CPA teacher. Since you're the only student, lessons can be created to focus on your particular needs. You'll have the luxury of moving at a pace you find comfortable, which means you can spend as much or as little time on each subject as needed to help you master the concepts. Your teacher can also spend time getting to know your goals, strengths, weaknesses, and the method of learning you prefer. This information can be used to further customize your study sessions and help you feel certain in your ability to do well on the CPA Exam.

What do I need to do to get started with Memphis CPA Exam preparation?

All you need to do to get enrolled in a class or set up with a private instructor is contact Varsity Tutors either on the phone or online. We'll take the time to answer your questions and walk you through the signup process. If you're ready to take advantage of exceptional Memphis CPA Exam prep opportunities, contact Varsity Tutors today!

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