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Varsity Tutors provides a Louisville NCLEX course that can help you improve your nursing skills and know-how so you can perform at your best on exam day. Students aspiring to become RNs and PNs like those studying at the University of Louisville and Jefferson Community & Technical College know that passing the NCLEX is one thing they need to do in order to start their nursing career. But it can be hard to find a convenient way to review, especially if they need to travel to a review center. The Louisville NCLEX prep course can provide a more convenient way for you to prepare for the test since you can complete the entire course online.

What are some of the topics a Louisville NCLEX class can cover?

The NCLEX is a computer-adaptive test, which means the answer you provide for a question will determine the level of difficulty of the next question you're asked to answer. Unlike other standardized exams, the NCLEX doesn't just test how much you know, but also how well you're able to use your knowledge and critical thinking in real-life patient care situations.

Your instructor in the Louisville NCLEX class can help you go through a comprehensive review of the content of the test. There are two types of NCLEX exams - NCLEX-RN is for graduates of Registered Nurse programs and NCLEX-PN is for Practical/Vocational Nurses. Both types will cover four primary topics focused on meeting patient needs. These are Safe and Effective Care Environment, Health Promotion and Maintenance, Psychosocial Integrity, and Physiological Integrity. The subtopics under each main topic may vary depending on whether you are taking the exam for RN or PN.

Apart from answering practice questions, you can also learn test-taking techniques from your instructor and some effective study habits that can improve your skills and give you the confidence you need to feel ready for the test.

What are the advantages of enrolling in a Louisville NCLEX course?

Preparing for the NCLEX through a formal review class led by knowledgeable and experienced instructors can help you have a more efficient and focused study. Success in the NCLEX requires your ability to apply what you've learned in nursing school in actual medical situations and for you to have that "nurse instinct" when making decisions relating to basic patient care. With the guidance and industry experience of your instructor, you can have a deeper understanding of nursing subjects and procedures and how to integrate those with patient-centered skills.

The NCLEX course is also offered entirely online, so this is a convenient way for you to study for the test. There is no need to allow extra hours for commuting, so you don't only save on time - you also save on money and effort. The more time you save, the more you can put into your actual NCLEX study. Instead of a physical classroom, you will log into a virtual classroom and use video chat to study with your instructor and classmates. There is also an online whiteboard so you can easily follow the lectures. You can work on practice questions together with other aspiring RNs and PNs, ask questions and get instant feedback from your instructor, and join in discussions as if you were in a physical classroom. And if there are times you need extra help on concepts like Basic Care and Comfort, Pharmacological and Parenteral Therapies, or any other topic, you can request to meet your instructor one-on-one outside of the online class. Having this option can greatly increase the quality of your NCLEX review since you can have personalized attention that may not be readily available in traditional reviews or if you're doing self-study.

How can I enroll in a Louisville NCLEX course?

Studying for the NCLEX is not just studying for the actual test. You are also facing the last thing that's keeping you from your dream of becoming a Registered Nurse. It is indeed a life-changing exam and you can use all the expert support you can get in order to increase your chances of conquering the test. Call Varsity Tutors today to learn more about our Louisville NCLEX course and how you can sign up for our available class offerings. Whether you're looking for evening courses, weekend courses, or even something during a break in the afternoon, we can provide options that suit your availability. We have 2-week and 4-week courses that start on a rolling monthly basis, so you can quickly get enrolled in the course you prefer.

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