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Varsity Tutors can help you connect with an exceptional ASCP Board of Certifications course that can help you remain focused and engaged as you prepare for your certification test. The American Society of Clinical Pathology offers medical laboratory professionals the opportunity to prove their credentials through a variety of certifications. Preparing for this exam on your own can be difficult. Luckily, there are ASCP Board of Certifications prep classes that can provide support. Don't hesitate to reach out to one of our Educational Directors for more information about our ASCP Boards of Certifications courses.

With our ASCP Boards of Certifications prep class, you can spend time reviewing for the specific test you will be taking. Below is a list of the exams that you may qualify for:

  • Available Technician Certifications (USA)
    • DPT - Donor Phlebotomy Technician
    • HT - Histotechnician
    • MLA - Medical Laboratory Assistant
    • MLT - Medical Laboratory Technician
    • PBT - Phlebotomy Technician
  • Available Technologist Scientist Certifications (USA)
    • BB - Technologist in Blood Banking
    • C - Technologist in Chemistry
    • CG - Technologist in Cytogenetics
    • CT - Cytotechnologist
    • H - Technologist in Hematology
    • HTL - Histotechnologist
    • M - Technologist in Microbiology
    • MB - Technologist in Molecular Biology
    • MLS - Medical Laboratory Scientist
  • Available Specialist Certifications (USA)
    • SBB - Specialist in Blood Banking
    • SC - Specialist in Chemistry
    • SCT - Specialist in Cytotechnology
    • SCYM - Specialist in Cytometry
    • SH - Specialist in Hematology
    • SM - Specialist in Microbiology
    • SMB - Specialist in Molecular Biology
  • Additional Certifications Available in the United States from ASCP BOC
    • DLM - Diplomate in Laboratory Management
    • PA - Pathologists' Assistants

An ASCP Board of Certifications course can allow you the additional time you need to feel prepared for the test. You have the full attention of your instructor throughout each session, allowing you to have your voice heard anytime you have a problem. We can connect you with ASCP Board of Certifications prep courses that allow you to focus solely on the material you need. You can even take practice tests for your approaching test to get an idea for your readiness.

The exams offered by the ASCP BOC cover a variety of concepts that you should know. Perhaps you need a refresher on the serologic and molecular testing techniques that are most often used in your field today. Maybe you'd rather spend your study sessions brushing up on basic chemistry concepts that you may have forgotten. Your ASCP Board of Certifications class can focus on these and other areas you have the most room for growth.

Each exam follows its own format and content. For example, some of the Medical Laboratory Technician exam's contents are covered in the table below:

  • MLT Exam Topics (non-comprehensive)
    • Blood Products
    • Blood Group Systems
    • Blood Group Immunology
    • Physiology and Pathophysiology
    • Serologic and Molecular Testing
    • Transfusions
    • Urinalysis
    • General Chemistry
    • Hematology
    • Hemostasis
    • Microbiology
    • Laboratory Operations

Personalized ASCP Board of Certifications classes can give you the one-on-one attention you need as you build your knowledge for the test. Your tutor can develop a customized learning plan that focuses on your learning personality, interests, goals, and profession to ensure that it is efficient and effective. They can work at a pace that works for you, whether you need a long time to review hemostasis or a short period to master urinalysis processes.

A one-on-one ASCP Board of Certifications prep course can incorporate unique learning tools and strategies that can help you stay interested in the material. Your instructor understands a variety of different teaching techniques, allowing them to identify methods that are ideal for your learning needs.

If your schedule is hectic, you can opt for online study sessions held over a Live Learning Platform. This online application allows you to interact with your instructor in a virtual classroom, allowing you the ultimate flexibility to arrange your sessions.

Don't hesitate to pursue your professional goals. An ASCP Board of Certifications class can give you the tools you need to build your skills. Varsity Tutors' Educational Directors are ready to answer your questions and help you to connect with a skilled instructor.

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