Eudora Welty
Lesson plans and teaching resources

Eudora Welty
Author's biography at Wikipedia.

How to Pitch Yourself: A Lesson from Young Eudora Welty's Impossibly Charming Job Application to The New Yorker
Introduction and text of Welty's letter, dated 1933.

Eudora Welty
Classroom issues and strategies, major themes, form and style, comparisons and contrasts, literary connections (with links to other writers), questions for reading and discussion, and approaches to writing.

Eudora Welty's "A Worn Path" in Graphical Representation
By rendering aspects of the story into carefully considered "comic strips," students learn to appreciate elements of characterization, setting, and plot in a manner that engages them actively in the production of meaning. The method highlights reading as the creative art it can be.

What's up with Phoenix Jackson?
Students consider whether Phoenix Jackson has Alzheimer's Diease and prepare a long-term treatment/management plan. This 6-day unit plan incorporates research, collaboration, and speech skills.

"A Worn Path"
A teacher discusses her approach to the story and her students' responses.

"A Worn Path"
Students will read the story, record important events with a partner, and then create a bio-poem on Phoenix. Unit plan includes handouts.

"A Worn Path"
Graphic organizer (text-to-self connections), synonyms and antonyms, editing practice. This document requires Adobe Reader or compatible application.

"Why I Live at the P. O."