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Hero and Villain
Word search puzzle with words related to heroism and villainy. Good sponge activity. Consider offering students extra credit if they find the typo in the headlines. Adobe Reader required; 4 pages.

Homonyms, Homophones, and Words with Multiple Meanings
Activities and resources for multiple-meaning words.

Homonyms Quiz
This web-based, self-correcting quiz is good for high school and up.

Strategies and digital resources that will work on almost any grade level.

Introducing Synonyms to Early Writers
This lesson introduces students to the basic concept of a synonym and how varying vocabulary usage through synonyms can enhance their writing. Students will also synthesize their understanding of synonyms and the Visual Thesaurus by playing "Synonym Charades," a fun guessing game where students will figure out original book or movie titles based on synonym clues.

It's Greek to Me!
In this online activity students explore English words with Greek origins. Designed for upper elementary or middle school.

Kindergarten and First Grade Vocabulary and Word Skills
Twenty-five lessons on a variety of word skills. Each lesson is accompanied by activities, with all necessary game pieces and manipulatives provided as printables. Save this 135-page document to your computer and print out only the pages you need. This is a rich resource!

Learning Vocabulary can be Fun
This interactive site offers a variety of games using words assigned by category (animals, food, geography, etc.). Depending on the game and words chosen, these are appropriate for up to about 7th grade.

Living to Tell the Tale
Students read an excerpt from the memoir by Gabriel García Márquez, work with vocabulary words, and write a brief autobiographical piece. Access requires Adobe Reader or compatible application.

Make Beliefs Comix
Students create comic strips online. This tool is great for prewriting, responding to reading, creative writing, vocabulary words, ESL, and exit slips. Very easy to learn and use, it is appropriate for almost every age level.

Making Sense of Homographs
This lesson introduces students to homographs. Students brainstorm common homographs and then use the Visual Thesaurus to help them discover a relationship between part of speech and pronunciation when encountering stress homographs.

Mysteries of Vernacular
Focus on word origins: a short video, viewing check questions, additional information, and a discussion question for each word.

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