Nothing but the Truth by Avi
Lesson plans and teaching resources

Exploring Free Speech and Persuasion with Nothing But the Truth
After reading the novel, students discuss the protagonist Phillip and his right to free speech as well as their own rights. Students examine various Websites to research First Amendment rights, especially as they relate to the situation in the novel. After their research, students compose a position statement regarding their opinion of whether Philip’s rights were violated, then work with small groups to strengthen their statements and supporting evidence. Groups present position statement and supporting evidence to the whole class and debate Philip’s civil rights as a culminating activity. This 5-day unit is designed for grades 6-8.

How to be a Nonconformist
This tongue-in-cheek guide was written and illustrated by a high school student in 1968. What might students write after studying Nothing but the Truth ? (Nonfiction; informational text.)

Nothing But the Truth by Avi
The students analyze character traits and develop a slide presentation. They write a newspaper account of one incident in the novel to differentiate between fact and opinion and to relate the effects of the media on society. They write a book review for the web. These activities include rubrics.

Nothing But the Truth
Three activities supporting the novel: students re-enact the scene in which Philip hummed the National Anthem; they discuss and write about permissiveness in American schools; and they consider a new title for the novel.

Nothing But the Truth
Activities to support the novel, including discussion of a similar experience involving a United Airlines flight attendant.

Nothing But the Truth
Prereading activities, crosscurricular activities, and suggestions for research assignments.

Nothing but the Truth
Summary; related movies, songs, and other titles; and 3 teaching ideas.

Nothing But the Truth
Ten questions for discussion or writing.

Nothing But the Truth . Adobe Reader required for these resources.

Nothing But the Truth Digital Booktalk
This short video can serve as a prereading activity.

Nothing But the Truth Part I and Part II
Suggestions for post-reading activities.