Literature Lesson Plans, Authors Rand-Rushdie

Ayn Rand
Lesson plans and activities for teaching Anthem .

My Jim by Nancy Rawles
Extensive background commentary, summary, connections to Huck Finn , extensive questions for discussion and writing, vocabulary/glossary.

Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings
Lesson plans for The Yearling and "A Mother in Mannville."

Erich Maria Remarque
Lesson plans and activities for teaching All Quiet on the Western Front .

Wide Sargasso Sea by Jean Rhys
Discussion questions.

Mrs. Rochester
Follow the link to an audio discussion of Jean Rhys, author of Wide Sargasso Sea . The audio file is about 10 minutes long.

Conrad Richter
Lesson plans and resources for teaching The Light in the Forest .

. . .And the Earth did not Devour Him , novel by Tomás Rivera
With a theme of poverty and discrimination, this site offers theme openers, crosscurricular activities, and research activities.

Tomás Rivera
On this page, biographical information. Follow the links to teaching ideas and supporting photographs.

"Your Shoes" by Michèle Roberts
Background, extensive analysis, guiding questions, and suggestions for approaching reading.

"Your Shoes" by Michèle Roberts
Among the teaching resources here, don't miss the plot summary video. It makes a great prereading activity.

Jewish Assimilation in Goodbye, Columbus by Philip Roth
Students read, analyze, and conduct research on background information that informs Roth's stories about Jews and their assimilation into modern American society. In the end, students write and publish their own stories of assimilation, using Roth's writing as their guide.

Extra, Extra! Mary Rowlandson's Captivity Newscast
. Through research and analysis of the captivity narrative of Mary Rowlandson, the students will compose a newscast that will track the history of the events of King Philip's War and tie those events into a narrow report on Mary Rowlandson's actual captivity through the "removes" that she details in her narrative.

"As Far as a Man Possibly Can" by Damon Runyan
This lesson plan compares/contrasts the events in the story with the events described in Bruce Springsteen's song, "Highway Patrolman." It is designed for English Language Learners; includes a copy of the story and the lyrics to the song, other handouts.

Our Computers, Ourselves: Imagining the Digital Lives of Authors and Characters
Students imagine and simulate the computer desktop, files and Internet habits of a writer or literary character in order to better understand his or her life and/or works. Includes an article about author Salman Rushdie.