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If you're interested in formal CompTIA Network+ certification training, Varsity Tutors provides comprehensive online classes you should consider taking. CompTIA offers four distinct series of professional certifications intended to help individuals in the Information Technology (IT) field start and grow their careers. CompTIA Network+ is part of the "Core" series and certifies an individual's ability to design, configure, manage, and troubleshoot both wired and wireless devices in a competent manner.

Earning this certification could potentially help you land a variety of jobs in the IT field, including Junior Network Administrator, Computer Technician, Network Field Technician, Help Desk Technician, IS Consultant, System Engineer, and Network Support Specialist. You can also use this cert as leverage to negotiate a higher salary or simply prove your commitment to potential employers. It could even serve as a springboard to more advanced skills and certifications.

That said, you need to pass a challenging standardized test in order to add the CompTIA Network+ credential to your resume. If test-taking isn't your forte, enrolling in our CompTIA Network+ certification course allows you to study both pertinent content and the exam's structure as you work toward your academic goals. Keep reading for more information on how we might be able to help you prepare for the big day.

Are There Any Prerequisites I Need to Meet Before Investing in CompTIA Network+ Certification Training?

No CompTIA exam has mandatory prerequisites, meaning that everyone who is interested in sitting for the test is eligible to do so. However, CompTIA recommends that individuals earn the introductory CompTIA A+ certification and have at least 9-12 months of professional networking experience before sitting for the test. If you feel that you already have or could develop the necessary skills without these qualifications, that decision is up to you.

You should also understand that your certification is only valid for three years from your testing date. If you wish to renew it, you must make use of CompTIA's Continuing Education program to prove that you still have the skills to warrant it. You need to earn 30 Continuing Education Units, or CEUs, to renew this certification. You can earn CEUs from pursuing other CompTIA certifications, IT certifications offered by other organizations, or enrolling in certain accredited courses.

What Concepts Can I Review During My CompTIA Network+ Certification Training?

CompTIA Network+ is all about networking, so your instructor can review topics such as how to design and implement functional networks, essential network device maintenance, how to use routers and switches to create more resilient networks, and how to implement network security standards and protocols to help you prepare for whatever the test throws at you.

Your instructor has a variety of teaching techniques at their disposal to help you understand concepts like those above. For example, you can be furnished with a convenient chart highlighting the advantages and disadvantages of existing network configurations, helping you determine which setup would be most appropriate for a particular client. Alternatively, watching a video of an IT professional at work can help you understand what your day-to-day responsibilities could entail.

If you have a hard time with rote memorization, your instructor can teach you handy mnemonic devices to make it easier to remember different machines and how to work with them. Your instructor can also incorporate humor into their lesson plans to make topics such as cabling and storage technologies more interesting. After all, learning is easier when you are actively engaged with the material you are studying.

Similarly, many individuals need to roll up their sleeves and work with networking devices in order to understand how to set up and maintain them. If this describes you, actually working with network equipment can be a focal point of your CompTIA Network+ certification training. If you're more of a visual or auditory learner, your instructor could instead provide a step by step tutorial on how to work with common devices you're likely to see in the field.

Unlike many competing "CompTIA Network+ certification class" products, all of our classes are comprised entirely of live instruction. If you and your classmates already understand network troubleshooting methodology and its associated tools, your instructor can move onto a different topic to keep sessions as engaging as possible. In contrast, a recording will stick to its pre-set curriculum whether its audience finds the information helpful or not.

Your instructor can also foster a learning environment where questions are encouraged, allowing you to seek clarification before a simple misunderstanding spirals into a more significant learning obstacle. We thoroughly vet every CompTIA Network+ certification course instructor, so you can trust that all of the information you receive in your course is accurate and up to date.

What Is the CompTIA Network+ Test Like?

The CompTIA Network+ certification exam consists of a maximum of 90 questions administered over a testing session lasting 90 minutes. It is scored on a scale from 100-900, with a 720 considered the minimum passing grade.

There are four different types of questions on the test: multiple-choice, multiple-response (multiple-choice with more than one correct answer per question), drag and drop, and PBQs. "PBQ" is an acronym for Performance-Based Question, an item that evaluates how well you would handle a real-world scenario by providing a simulation of something like a network diagram for you to manipulate. Since it's only a simulation, you may not have the same level of functionality offered by the real thing though. PBQs are often among the most challenging questions on the entire exam, so your instructor can provide sample items so that you can go in knowing what to expect.

All CompTIA exams are also administered in an electronic format at testing centers located throughout the nation. If you have never taken a standardized assessment in a testing center before, your instructor can give you an idea of what the process is like in advance of your testing date.

Can My Instructor Incorporate Test-Taking Strategies Into My CompTIA Network+ Certification Training?

Of course. Your instructor will be a knowledgeable expert on the exam you're taking, enabling them to equip you with handy test-taking strategies you can fall back on if you feel stuck.

For example, most of the multiple-choice items on the exam have four possible answer choices. A blind guess, therefore, has a 25 percent chance of proving correct, but your instructor can teach you how to eliminate some of the answer choices to improve those odds. Getting rid of one wrong answer gets your odds to 33 percent, while eliminating two gets you to 50 percent. You might even be able to deduce the correct response outright.

Since the test is timed, it is sometimes better to guess and then move forward so you have an opportunity to read every question. Who knows: a subsequent question may contain enough information to answer the prior one that's giving you a hard time. You can also return to any questions you aren't sure about at the end of the test if time allows, so don't feel bad if you need to skip one temporarily.

Your instructor can also administer practice exams during your CompTIA Network+ certification training. Taking practice tests gives you firsthand knowledge of what the time available to you feels like, helping you manage it more effectively on the actual exam. If you find yourself struggling to finish the test on time, your instructor can help you speed up without rushing and compromising your performance.

For instance, understanding the directions before the exam begins can save you a few seconds you can apply to an actual test question. You can also practice with a test's electronic interface so you don't spend time figuring out how to do something on exam day.

Completing practice exams also helps you understand how the test presents important keywords such as "not" and "except," ensuring that you know what an item expects of you before you answer it. Your instructor can also point out any tricks the test might use to try and stump you, helping you avoid the trap.

You can also review your practice exam's results with your instructor to help you identify where you're improving and any areas of opportunity for further growth. If you consistently answer questions regarding the creation of virtualized networks correctly, you may get a jolt of self-confidence when the topic shows up on test day. If you're less successful on items relating to physical network security, you know that you need to ask your teacher to explain it again before your exam.

If you deal with test anxiety, your CompTIA Network+ certification class instructor can also help you work to overcome it. Sometimes, simply knowing that your CompTIA Network+ certification training covered everything it should have is enough to put your mind at ease. If you're still feeling nervous, your instructor can demonstrate meditative techniques to help you settle your nerves and focus on the item in front of you.

What Advantages Does the Collaborative Learning Environment Created by a CompTIA Network+ Certification Course Offer?

Many students are loath to share their instructor with other students at first but ultimately find that working with other people can expedite the learning process. For example, teaching can be one of the most effective ways to develop a further understanding of a topic. If some of your classmates are struggling with something, you can try helping them out to improve your own understanding.

Likewise, your peers can offer different perspectives that you may not think of on your own. If somebody has more professional IT experience than you do, you might be able to learn from their mistakes. A classmate may also know memorization tricks that make it easier to recall everything you need to know on exam day.

Your instructor can also make use of your course's group setting. For example, explaining IT concepts to customers who want to understand what you're doing can prove challenging. You can take turns role-playing with your classmates to better understand how to communicate complicated technical concepts to people who don't have the same specialized skills you do. Similarly, listening to your classmates can provide inspiration you can draw on when confronted with a particularly stubborn network issue.

Are There Any Other Benefits Associated With Formal CompTIA Network+ Certification Training?

One of the most difficult aspects of trying to study for a professional certification test is simply setting aside the time to do so. Procrastination can quickly turn into a slippery slope that leads to taking a test you haven't adequately prepared for. Enrolling in a regularly scheduled CompTIA Network+ certification class ensures that you will spend time studying.

If you elect to supplement your instruction with independent study, your instructor can recommend current materials for you to reference. CompTIA changes their exams roughly every three years, so it's of the utmost importance that you're working with up to date info.

Your instructor can also provide tips for how to approach test day that most students never even think of. For example, it's important to eat a good meal before your test so that you have the energy you need to do your best. You should also plan to arrive at the testing site early, giving you a chance to get settled in before the exam begins. Wearing comfortable clothing can eliminate another potential distraction, and there's nothing wrong with giving yourself a little break if you start to feel drained.

You are generally not permitted to bring anything with you into the testing center, so plan to leave your notes at home. You can ask for scrap paper, so getting some and jotting down anything you're concerned about forgetting can improve your test-taking experience. These strategies and others like them can make it easier to set yourself up for success.

That All Sounds Great, But How Am I Supposed to Fit CompTIA Network+ Certification Training Into My Busy Schedule?

Whereas many of our competitors expect you to commute to a class location that works well for them, our proprietary Live Learning Platform allows you to study anywhere with a stable internet connection. If you wish to attend a class from the convenience of home, simply whip out your favorite mobile device and log in to your class at the appropriate time. If you would prefer to study in a local restaurant or cafe, taking your mobile device there is just as easy. Why go through the hassle of going to a class when a great one can come to you?

If you're leery about the quality of online instruction, don't be. Our exclusive platform leverages powerful features such as a virtual whiteboard and video chat functionality to provide a premium study experience comparable to anything you could get in a more traditional course. Your instructor can see and hear you, so asking for help is as easy as raising your hand. You're also no longer limited by your geographic proximity to an instructor, allowing you to work with the best of the best no matter where you live.

Varsity Tutors understands how busy you are, so we've designed all of our CompTIA Network+ certification products with the value of your time in mind. If you want to finish your test prep as quickly as you can, we provide two-week classes that cover everything you need to know in a short time frame. If you have a lot of commitments outside of test prep, a four-week class that leaves a smaller footprint on your life may make more sense for you. You get the same premium instruction and number of contact hours regardless of which option you choose, so go with whatever feels right for you.

Offering multiple courses concurrently also allows us to accommodate nearly any schedule. If you want to avoid attending a course on Wednesday nights, you can choose sessions that only meet on other days. You can also arrange private study time with your instructor if you feel like you need extra help with something. New courses launch monthly, so you're never too far away from getting started.

Is It Tough to Get Enrolled?

If you were to try and find your own teacher, you would need to make sure that they have an up to date understanding of what the CompTIA Network+ test entails. You would also need to verify that they have the communication skills required to effectively lead a class. Finally, you'd have to ensure that your scheduling needs are compatible. Who the heck has time to do all of that?

Instead, trust Varsity Tutors with all of your CompTIA Network+ certification training needs. We specialize in helping people like you connect with the academic services you need to reach for your full potential. Educational Consultants are currently standing by to assist you in any way they are able, so reach out to us today! You'll be glad you did.

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