Harper Lee, To Kill a Mockingbird
Lesson plans and teaching resources

Snow Falling on Cedars
Students compare the film Snow Falling on Cedars with To Kill a Mockingbird . The handouts at this site require MS-Word or compatible application for access.

Spend a Day in My Shoes: Exploring the Role of Perspective in Narrative
Students examine a variety of shoes and envision what the owner would look like, such as their appearance, actions, etc. They then write a narrative, telling the story of a day in the shoe owner's life. Good pre-reading activity.

Suggestions for Pairing Contemporary Music and Canonical Literature
A list of songs that were inspired by reading literature. Organized by the last name of the author (e.g. Chinua Achebe, William Butler Yeats), the list includes song title, performer, year of release, and more. The list includes 8 songs inspired by To Kill a Mockingbird .

Studying To Kill a Mockingbird
This comprehensive guide includes background information; chapter-by-chapter questions; character analysis; discussion of theme, technique, viewpoint, and structure; possible exam questions, and a thoughtful discussion of racism and language in the novel.

Symbolism and Aphorisms
Using text-free bookmarks to better understand symbolism.

Tea with Miss Alexandra
Students assume the identity of a character from the novel, bring a Southern-style dish, and have dinner as a prelude to writing a character analysis. Click on the title.

Text to Text: To Kill a Mockingbird and "History of Lynchings in the South Documents Nearly 4,000 Names"
This lesson plan pairs Chapter 15 of the novel with a nonfiction New York Times article on the Equal Justice Initiative report documenting the history of racial lynching in the United States.

To Kill a Mockingbird
Historical background, author biography, related works, discussion questions, related resources, and a thorough teacher's guide. These materials were prepared as part of the NEA Big Read.

To Kill a Mockingbird
Comprehension questions and vocabulary practice organized by chapters, and a final writing prompt.

To Kill a Mockingbird
A generous collection of reading strategies and activities, including an anticipation guide, a directed reading-thinking activity, a KWHL activity, a magic squares vocabulary activity, and much more.

To Kill a Mockingbird
Objectives, suggestions for a multigenre Web project, rubric, and more.

To Kill a Mockingbird
Study questions grouped by chapter.

To Kill a Mockingbird
A list of post-reading activities, organized by level of difficulty.

To Kill a Mockingbird
This digital booktalk (1:30) can serve as a prereading activity.

To Kill a Mockingbird
This study guide is designed to accompany a theatrical production and includes activities that will work in any classroom. Pre-reading activities, biography of Harper Lee, character analysis activities, historical background, and analysis of themes. 23 pages; Adobe Reader required.

To Kill a Mockingbird
A list of 9 book-club-style discussion questions.

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