Fish is Fish by Leo Lionni
Lesson plans and teaching resources

Fish is Fish
Summary, analysis, and 2 sets of discussion questions based on themes in the story.

Fish is Fish
A list of action verbs found in the book.

Fish is Fish Script
A Readers Theater script for 4 voices. Three pages; Adobe Reader required.

Leo Lionni
A collection of teacher-generated resources, including standards, discussion questions, activities, and printables. Includes something for these titles: Alexander and the Wind-up Mouse , A n Extraordinary Egg , Frederick , Fish is Fish , In the Rabbitgarden , Inch by Inch , It's Mine , Let's Make Rabbits , Matthew's Dream , Pezzettino , Six Crows , The Biggest House in the World , and Tillie and the Wall . Don't miss printables at the end. 45 pages; Adobe Reader required.

Make a Fish and Frog Collage!
One-page handout for students to cut and paste into their own ponds.

Studying the Work of Leo Lionni
This author study has students looking at 4 Lionni books, Frederick , Little Blue, Little Yellow , Swimmy , and Fish is Fish . Unit includes introductions for each book, discussion questions, follow-up activities, a graphic organizer for the unit overall, and a rubric. Word processor required.