Beowulf : Anglo-Saxon Background

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This site from the BBC offers extensive information and activities about the Anglo-Saxons.

Beowulf on Steorarume (Beowulf in Cyberspace)
An introduction, an Anglo-Saxon text and two translations, and related texts. Be sure to click on " Beowulf Resources" for links to a wealth of background information on Anglo-Saxons: language, history and culture, religion, and leisure activity, including a link to Anglo-Saxon recipes.

Research dates the British settlers who constructed first monuments at Stonehenge
"Rather than being seen as a neolithic new build in an empty landscape, [Stonehenge] should be viewed as a response to long term use of the area by indigenous hunters and home makers."

Royal Hall From Beowulf Found? Site Described In Epic Poem Excavated
This news article reports on an archaeological excavation near the Danish village of Lejre.

Turning the Pages: Lindisfarne Gospels
The illuminated Lindisfarne Gospels. Use the magnifying glass tool to see detail. Commentary is available via text or audio file.