Sounder by William Armstrong
Lesson plans and teaching resources

"I Have to Change!" The Role of the Adolescent in the Family
Scroll down to find 5 questions for discussing the novel. The larger unit involves 4 novels with a common theme.

Reading, Writing, and Sounder
Students will read Sounder and record reactions to each chapter of the novel in a journal. Students will work in a group to create questions which require critical thinking and literary analysis for one chapter of the novel. Students will lead a discussion of a selected chapter using prepared questions and notes. Students will define vocabulary words and complete an online activity using them. Students will participate in a video conference with a collaborating class. Students will write a letter to the editor defending an opinion of a literary character.

Sounder , William Armstrong
Extensive support materials, including author biography, vocabulary, graphic organizers, writing activities, and assessments. Access to this 40-page document requires Adobe Reader or compatible application.

Reading comprehension questions and answers. Access to this document requires Adobe Reader or compatible application.

Sounder . Adobe Reader required for these resources.

Sounder Lesson Plan
Summary, prereading activity that focuses on setting, a follow-up activity that asks students to analyze the impact of the historical context using primary sources and a graphic organizer. A second postreading activity asks students to create a visual representation of the farm.