Elaine Marie Alphin
Lesson plans for Ghost Cadet and other books

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Biography and Background

Elaine Marie Alphin
The author's Wikipedia page.

Counterfeit Son

Counterfeit Son by Elaine Marie Alphin
This digital booktalk (3:15) could whet the interest of a potential reader or serve as a prereading activity.

Ghost Cadet

Civil War Letters
Students will read letters written during the Civil War. Referring to their knowledge about the Civil War, they’ll develop a clear understanding of the message of the letter. They will edit the letters for mechanics and create a dramatic reading based on their letter. Then students will create their own Civil War dramas, using a fictional letter they create. Designed for grades 5-8.

New Market Cadet William McDowell
Background information from the Virginia Military Institute about the real person featured in Ghost Cadet . Includes a photograph.

Ghost Soldier

Ghost Soldier

Picture Perfect

Picture Perfect by Elaine Marie Alphin
This digital booktalk (1:35) can serve as a pre-reading activity.