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The New Hampshire Bar course offered by Varsity Tutors has several benefits over studying on your own if you're preparing for your exams. New Hampshire uses the UBE, or Uniform Bar Examination, which consists of three exams—the Multistate Essay Examination (MEE), the Multistate Performance Test (MPT), and the Multistate Bar Examination (MBE). The state also requires candidates to take the Multistate Professional Responsibility Examination (MPRE) created by the National Conference of Bar Examiners (NCBE).

You'll take the MPT during the morning session of the first day of the test and the MEE in the afternoon session. The MBE is administered on the second day in two three-hour sessions. Enrolling in our New Hampshire Bar prep course can give you a comprehensive review so you can become more familiar with the topics covered on the tests.

How Can A New Hampshire Bar course Help Me Prepare for the MBE?

There are some test takers who get intimidated when they read the exam details for the MBE. After all, it lasts for six hours and consists of covers 200 multiple-choice questions. In the test, you'll be challenged to use legal principles and legal reasoning to analyze fact patterns. There are seven subjects covered on the MBE: constitutional law, contracts, evidence, civil procedure, criminal law and procedure, real property, and torts. In our Bar course, you can have opportunities to work on practice questions for the MBE with your instructor. This can help you familiarize yourself with the different types of questions on the test and could increase your confidence on exam day.

Aside from working with practice questions, part of comprehensive test preparation is also learning some useful test-taking techniques, which might not be easy to pick up on if you're just doing self-study. But together with your instructor, you can learn important strategies like blind guessing (eliminating obviously incorrect answers), or looking for keywords in questions that can lead you to the correct answer. These test-taking techniques can save you a lot of valuable time and could boost your test results. You can also learn time management techniques and how you can improve your efficiency when answering the test.

Another important part of test prep, especially for an exam as long as the MBE, is preparing yourself physically for the test. Your instructor can share strategies on how to maintain your focus throughout the six-hour exam such as taking breaks as necessary or making sure you eat a balanced diet in the days leading to the test. You can also get tips on how to manage stress while reviewing such as practicing mindfulness and meditation.

How Could A New Hampshire Bar Class Instructor Help Me Study for the MEE?

MEE questions focus on your ability to apply legal reasoning as you draft arguments for a variety of cases. There will be six essay questions that you have to complete within three hours. Some of the topics you'll be tested on are the same with the topics covered on the MBE, but this time, you'll be asked to analyze and identify legal issues and their probable solutions rather than simply answering questions based on memory or rote knowledge. In the course, your instructor can teach you strategies on how to write an effective argument while under time pressure. For example, you can learn how to write outlines or how to correctly structure your essay.

Another important factor to consider when taking the MEE is time management. You only have three hours to write six full essays, so you would want to strike the right balance between crafting logical arguments and answering all of the questions within the allotted time. Your instructor can work with you as you write a variety of practice essays during your lessons. He or she can simulate real test conditions and have you write under a time crunch so you can find out if the timing will be an issue for you during the test.

What Skills Should I Focus on for the MPT?

The MPT will assess your ability to handle real-world cases, use fundamental lawyering skills, and analyze evidence and reference materials presented to you and how you can use them to resolve a client's problem. There will only be two questions on the MPT, but they will still be very challenging to answer. For one thing, you only have 90 minutes for each question. That's not a lot of time considering that you have to sift through materials such as interviews, police reports, and client documents as you try to formulate your answer.

You'll receive two types of documents for the exam—the "File" and the "Library." The former contains information about the case and the latter contains all the legal information you'll need for the test. The tricky part is that both also contain useless information, so you'll have to get your critical thinking skills running as you sort through the contents and separate the relevant information that could help your fictional client from the irrelevant ones.

In the test, you might also be asked to complete tasks a beginner lawyer should be able to handle. The question might require you to write a draft complaint, a contract provision, a memorandum to a supervising attorney, or a closing argument. If you need more help on improving your skills for these types of tasks, your Bar class instructor can conduct lessons and provide exercises that can support you in reaching for your goal.

How Can A New Hampshire Bar prep course Instructor Help Me Study for the MPRE?

The MPRE tests your knowledge of ethics and conduct for the legal profession. These include topics such as regulation of the legal profession, client confidentiality, different roles of the lawyer, the client-lawyer relationship, and conflicts of interest. You'll face 60 multiple-choice questions and have two hours to finish the exam.

Each question on the MPRE presents a scenario and has a call of the question like "Was the attorney's conduct proper?" or "Is the attorney subject to discipline?" Your answer choices begin with a yes or a no, and then followed by an explanation. Your instructor can provide detailed explanations and discussions about the answers when you work on your MPRE practice questions during your lessons. If you have any other questions regarding the content and test procedures for the MPRE, your instructor can also address them so you can feel more prepared for the test.

Are There Any Benefits Associated with the Collaborative Learning Environment A New Hampshire Bar course Can Offer?

Studying for the Bar with other aspiring lawyers can have several benefits to your test prep over studying on your own. You can participate in an intellectually engaging discussion about topics covered on the UBE or the MPRE. While discussing, you can gain new insights by listening to the experiences and perspectives of your classmates. These insights could help you not just on the day of the test but more importantly when you go on to do your actual law practice.

Doing your test prep with a class can also be an effective way to stay motivated in your studies. Since you'll be attending lessons and interacting with your peers, you can break the monotony of studying alone and make learning more enjoyable and engaging.

Of course, if you're struggling with any topic under the different exams you'll be taking, the course allows you to request one-on-one time with your instructor so you can better address your difficulties. This personalized attention is another advantage that you might not be able to easily receive from other Bar prep courses.

Are You Sure A New Hampshire Bar prep course Can Fit Into My Busy Schedule?

If you've been putting off your Bar test prep because of your busy schedule, then you'll appreciate that our course can be completed entirely online. We are able to offer a variety of course times throughout the day, so you have more options when choosing when you would like to have your review.

If your schedule allows you to attend more frequent meetings, you can enroll in our two-week course so you can finish your review in a shorter time. If you want a less intensive review, our four-week course can be an excellent choice. It spreads out the meetings and reduces your workload throughout the week. Both courses have new sections that start on a rolling monthly basis, so we can easily enroll you in the course and time you prefer.

Our courses use a virtual classroom with a convenient video chat feature, so you'll feel as if you were in a regular, physical classroom. You can hear, see, and interact with your teacher and classmates in real-time lessons and attend from your home, office, or a public library. This makes our courses a convenient and practical choice for busy Bar reviewers.

How Do I Sign Up for A New Hampshire Bar Course Near Me?

If you're ready to get started with your Bar exam prep, contact Varsity Tutors by phone or online today. We'll help you find a New Hampshire Bar course that suits your availability.

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