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If you are in pursuit of your Society for Human Resource Management certification, Varsity Tutors is here to serve as your reliable training partner. When you become a holder of the highly valued SHRM Certified Professional or SHRM Senior Certified Professional credentials, you'll have a testament of your knowledge, skills, and competencies in HR practice. Thus, these certifications give you distinction in this competitive field in the global business industry, opening up more and better job opportunities for you. As part of your pursuit of these credentials, it is recommended that you sign up for Dallas Fort Worth SHRM certification training in preparation for the exam that lies ahead of you.

When you enroll in a Dallas Fort Worth SHRM certification course, you reap benefits that you cannot obtain when studying on your own. For one, you are taught by a highly qualified instructor who has undergone rigid screening and interviews to ensure that they meet strict teaching requirements. These expert instructors can provide you with comprehensive and collaborative online instruction similar to a regular classroom, allowing interaction between you, the instructor, and your classmates. This is a more effective method for both learning new and reviewing old topics. In-depth lectures and discussions are conducted to develop a deeper understanding of topics. Any questions you have are answered in a specific and relevant manner not just by your instructor, but also by fellow students who have their own knowledge and experience as well. Don't expect a standardized course setup. Your instructor can adjust each class to the needs of the students. For example, if the whole class is knowledgeable on the topic of performance appraisal, the instructor promptly moves on to the next subject matter, like employee compensation issues.

You can count on enrolling in a Dallas Fort Worth SHRM certification class that takes your convenience into consideration. All classes are conducted online through a collaborative virtual classroom, allowing for interaction with your instructor and fellow students. You can choose between two-week or four-week classes that best fit your daily routine. When you enroll in a section, you can select the section meeting at the dates and times that work best with your daily schedule. Log in through our Live Learning Platform, and you're ready to join the class discussion. You won't have to wait long to get started in a class either because new class sections start up on a monthly basis.

Why is it important to pursue Dallas Fort Worth SHRM certification training? If you want to get ahead in the HR field, a Society for Human Resource Management certification can open up better job opportunities for you. However, to earn this credential, you need to pass one of two exams depending upon your current HR knowledge and experience. These exams are the SHRM Certified Professional (SHRM-CP) or SHRM Senior Certified Professional (SHRM-SCP).

Prerequisites to take the SHRM CP or SCP include a combination of education and experience. Individuals with degrees should also work experience in the HR field, ranging from one to four years. It should also be mentioned that individuals with less than a Bachelor's Degree are also qualified to take the exams if they have acquired three (for SHRM-CP) or six (for SHRM-SCP) years of HR work experience.

When you qualify for an exam, you are expected to have full knowledge of the key concepts that all HR professionals should know. These concepts include the best management practices for globally diverse workforces, planning, monitoring, reporting, and evaluation of the company's current manpower, projects, methods, and tools, negotiations and tactics on job offers (e.g. raise in salaries, job promotions), codes of conduct, and best strategies in resolving workplace conflicts, just to name a few. This knowledge that you have obtained from your Dallas Fort Worth SHRM certification training comprise the content of the exam that you are taking. For this reason, attending a Dallas Fort Worth SHRM certification class can not only serve as a refresher; it can help clarify concepts that you don't understand and provide you with updated knowledge, not just for the exam but also for your future HR career.

Both exams consist of 160 multiple-choice questions. The first half of the exam tests your knowledge and understanding of facts about and related to the HR field. The second half tests your judgment, application of best practices, and decision-making capabilities in scenarios that you are sure to encounter in the workplace.

There are effective techniques that your Dallas Fort Worth SHRM certification course instructor employs to help you with these exams. Aside from review lectures on vital HR concepts, your instructor can present examples of workplace scenarios. They can have you assess these conflicts and let you decide on how best to resolve them. In some cases, your instructor can ask you and your fellow students to roleplay these scenarios online for a more realistic approach.

You are also taught tips and strategies for the actual exam. Among the pre-exam preparations, you can be informed on the exam format, the types of questions you can expect, and how best you can answer them. Your instructor can teach you time management and how to pace yourself during the exam. One very basic strategy is completing all easy questions first and allotting a greater portion of your time to answering the more difficult items. You may feel daunted by the sheer volume of knowledge that you are learning, so techniques on improving concentration and focus can also be taught. These techniques can help you to fix your attention on one question at a time and prevent your mind from wandering if you get confused. Another strategy is the employment of stress reduction techniques while taking the exam, such as deep breathing and discreet muscle relaxation exercise to release tension. A very effective strategy that you can learn is process thinking. This is commonly utilized when you end up being stumped or confused by certain questions in the exam. In these cases, your instructor prompts you to breakdown and analyze the question and the possible choices presented to you so that you can narrow it down to the best answer. If the question is about a workplace situation, you can be taught to determine all possible outcomes of the choices that are given to you so that you can choose the best resolution.

It must be emphasized, however, that you should not consider your Dallas Fort Worth SHRM certification training as just a means to passing the exam and/or obtaining the credential. Instead, you should think of these classes as an extension of your formal HR learning. These instructors not only have the benefit of a good HR education; they have also acquired considerable personal workplace exposure and are knowledgeable of job situations and outcomes based on the experiences of students that came before you. It is to your benefit to apply what you have learned in these classes in preparation for your career as an HR professional.

To reap the benefits of Dallas Fort Worth SHRM certification training, put your trust in the knowledge and expertise of Varsity Tutors. For more information, feel free to contact us online or give us a call. Our educational consultants are available to answer your inquiries so that we can set you up in classes that meet your study and schedule requirements.

SHRM Certifications

  • SHRM Certified Professional (SHRM-CP)
  • SHRM Senior Certified Professional (SHRM-SCP)

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