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Six Sigma certification can add serious demonstrated value to your resume, and Varsity Tutors can place you in an Austin Six Sigma certification course where you'll have access to the expertise of a Six Sigma mentor and can learn alongside like-minded colleagues. In a nutshell, Six Sigma is a set of business practices, processes, and philosophies that aim to refine an organization until defects are eliminated entirely. Becoming Six Sigma certified can show employers that you're well-equipped to apply this philosophy in your own management and communication practices, and that you strive for this level of excellence in your own work. This can potentially open up new job opportunities, give you leverage when negotiating promotions, and increase your confidence and communication skills in the workplace. A certification course can bring you closer to your Six Sigma goals, and so can be a worthy investment in the future of your career.

Six Sigma certification is offered through a set of independent organizations, so there isn't a single definitive certification process, but routes to certification tend to be similar. Most Six Sigma programs include Yellow, Green, Black, and Master Black Belt levels of certification, each of which requires progressively more experience and hands-on ability with Six Sigma techniques to earn, but you don't necessarily have to earn these in series. This means that if you're new to Six Sigma but are already a highly experienced management professional you may be able to skip to Black Belt status quickly, for example. Each certification requires you to pass a test, the difficulty and length of which is commensurate with the level of certification you're after. So if you're looking to attain Green Belt status, say, you'll have to show that you can distinguish between DMADV and IDOV processes, that you can define the scope of a project using Six Sigma-approved tools, evaluate the relationships between process input and output variables, and more. Austin Six Sigma certification training can help you get acclimated to the certification process, find your current level of capability, and identify the skills you'll need to develop to advance.

Enrolling in an Austin Six Sigma certification class will give you access to an online classroom where you'll study under a qualified Six Sigma instructor. Your mentor can employ teaching tools like lectures on Six Sigma's DMAIC process and its application, group activities where you can work with classmates as you get familiar with Pareto charts, flowcharts, run charts, check sheets, scatter diagrams, and so on, and can lead the class in group discussions. You and your colleagues can share real-world examples of how the Six Sigma philosophy could be implemented to improve organizations that you've worked in, for example. Drawing on the experience of other management professionals can help you develop a more complete understanding of the advantages of Six Sigma than you might be able to in solo study. You'll be able to request meetings with your mentor outside of class as well, where you can raise questions about subjects you're struggling with and clear up any issues you're having, so you can move forward.

An online class makes attending Austin Six Sigma certification training easy and cuts out any need for a time-wasting commute, which can be a boon to many working professionals with busy schedules. You'll interact with your mentor and classmates over video chat, so you can get a face-to-face learning experience from wherever you find yourself most capable of productive and efficient study, whether that's a public space like the Austin Central Library or Lake Travis Community Library, or your own home or office. There are several class meeting times available as well as both two-week and four-week class sections, so you can find something that suits your lifestyle.

If you reach out to Varsity Tutors today we can get you signed up for an Austin Six Sigma certification course hassle-free. Certification can do wonders for your management skills, your understanding of operational efficiency and spend reduction, and your career generally, so give us a call and get started.

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