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For as long as I can remember, I've enjoyed learning new things and then teaching others about what I've learned. When I was a 5-year old, that translated into counting to 100 and then counting backwards from 100 for everyone who would at least pretend to listen. And since I was constantly asking questions, I never ran out of new things to learn and teach other people about. The things that I learn these days have changed a lot since I was a little girl, but the desire to learn and help others learn remains an integral part of who I am. For me, tutoring is an endless supply of opportunities to use everything that I've learned to help someone else understand scientific concepts, and see just how cool science can be.

My initial experience with tutoring was as a graduate student at Tulane University, where I was a medical biochemistry tutor. After earning a doctorate in biochemistry, I gained teaching experience in molecular cell biology and introductory biology for majors and non-majors. I also have extensive laboratory experience that includes setting up and operating a brain tissue culture laboratory; biomarker analysis in sickle cell disease; and identifying/developing diagnostic and prognostic tools in breast cancer, ovarian cancer, and FSHD.

Undergraduate Degree:

Alcorn State University - Bachelors, Chemistry

Graduate Degree:

Tulane University of Louisiana - PHD, Biochemistry

I enjoy practicing and teaching yoga, technology, gaming, hiking, biking and creative writing.

Cell Biology

College Biology

General Biology

High School Biology

Life Sciences

Molecular Biology