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My experience in teaching/tutoring comes from my time spent in Graduate School at Ohio State University when I was a Graduate Teaching Assistant. I had to conduct recitation and laboratory for multiple sections of students (between 20-30 at a time). It was one of the best parts of my week. I really enjoyed working with the students and trying to clarify any problems they had with the material. Yes, it would get to be quite frustrating at times because you have to repeat a law or concept 5 times in 5 different ways, or students just weren't paying attention. But to see a student finally achieve clarity and sense the relief of pressure in them made it well worth it. I enjoy making connections with my students. I feel it makes it much easier to convince them of the importance of a given topic. As a younger individual myself, I find it fairly easy to make a connection with any student, or to at least make them comfortable. My style is laid back, and many of my students have been appreciative of that.

Undergraduate Degree:

Ohio University-Main Campus - Bachelor of Science, Physics

Sports, Exercise, Science, Cars, Technology, Video Games, Outdoor Activities, Cooking