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I am a graduate of both Florida Institute of Technology with a Bachelor of Science in Physics and Boston University with a Master of Science in Physics.

During my time as a graduate student at Boston University I worked in both classroom environments and one-on-one with physics students, as well as in the classroom with the Graduate STEM Fellows in K-12 Education (GK-12) program. As a BU Teaching Fellow I was responsible for leading discussion groups, working with students individually during office hours, and as a GK-12 fellow I spent a semester teaching with a high school physics teacher in the classroom.

Because my physics background entails studying a wide variety of math backgrounds I am qualified to tutor most subjects in both math and science. I most enjoy teaching calculus and physics because I find it beautiful how well they integrate with and play off of each other. Calculus is the language that describes physics, and a large part of physics is calculus applied to the world.

I like to begin engaging with students by seeing what stumbling blocks they are facing educationally and then finding ways to communicate and work through these ideas and processes. I think that understanding subjects like math and science can help you open up new pathways of understanding in the world, as well as improving critical thinking and problem solving.

In my spare time I like to go cycling, rock climbing, and play billiards. All three of these activities I use as avenues to find and deepen my own focus. The bicycle is a device that is meant to make life easier, but allows the rider to make the experience as physically challenging as possible. I find that both rock climbing and billiards are a wonderful mixture of accuracy, finesse, strategic thinking and creative problem solving.

Undergraduate Degree:

 Florida Institute of Technology - BS, Physics

Graduate Degree:

 Boston University - MS, Physics

Cycling, billiards, reading

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