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Becoming licensed as a Registered Nurse or Practical Nurse requires you to pass the NCLEX, and Varsity Tutors can get you set up with a Tulsa NCLEX prep course that may give your test preparations the boost you need to get ready for the test. Whether you're studying nursing at Tulsa Community College, University of Tulsa's Oxley College of Health Sciences, or any other school in the area, you've undoubtedly put plenty of time, effort, and expense into your education thus far. A Tulsa NCLEX course may be just the thing to help you make good on that investment, and make it to the next step of your career path.

What kind of material will I review in a Tulsa NCLEX class?

The NCLEX comes in two forms, the NCLEX-RN and the NCLEX-PN, which are for licensing as a Registered Nurse and a Practical Nurse, respectively. There are some differences between the two versions of the NCLEX, such as the NCLEX-PN including a section on Coordinated Care that isn't present on the NCLEX-RN, but for the most part, the tests cover very similar material. In either case, your knowledge of patient care will be put at the fore, and you'll have to be able to incorporate the fields of the Physical, Biological, and Social Sciences into your understanding of nursing. You'll also have to demonstrate the ability to integrate fundamental nursing processes like Caring, the Teaching/Learning relationship between nurse and client, and Communication and Documentation into your patient care skills. The amount of subject matter at hand may seem intimidating, but a Tulsa NCLEX class can help direct you in a systematic review, so you can tackle subjects one-by-one.

The unusual format of the NCLEX can make developing your test-taking skills particularly important, and a Tulsa NCLEX course can help here, too. The NCLEX uses a system called Computerized Adaptive Testing, which adjusts the difficulty of the test on the fly. Each time you answer a question, the computer will re-assess your skills, and will choose the next question based on your performance thus far. The intention is that you will have a 50/50 chance of getting each successive question correct, and the computer's estimation of your abilities will become more accurate as you answer more questions. This system doesn't allow you to go back and revise your answers, so you'll have to learn to balance a desire to answer definitively with maintaining a good pace.

How can a Tulsa NCLEX course assist my preparation?

An NCLEX class is taught entirely online, through a video chat platform that will bring you face-to-face with your teacher and classmates just like a traditional classroom would. You'll be taught by an expert NCLEX prep instructor, who can provide a review of topics like Psychosocial Integrity or Safety and Infection Control, and may choose to break the class up into groups for discussion, so you can learn collaboratively with your peers. Working alongside others has been demonstrated to improve the ability of students to learn new information, and can help you retain information in the long run, too. You can imagine how useful discussion with a diverse group of learners can be when you're trying to develop a comprehension of how to respect the Culture and Spirituality of a client, for example, and helping your classmates come to terms with subjects that you already have a grasp on can be a great way to deepen your own knowledge. You'll be able to seek out individual help from your instructor outside of class, too, so you can get clarification on difficult topics when you need it.

The online format of a Tulsa NCLEX course offers some advantages over a traditional, in-person classroom. You'll have more control over your physical work environment, as you'll be able to study from anywhere that you have an internet connection. This means you can find a study space that you find comfortable and distraction-free. There are a number of course meeting times available, so you can sign up for a course that fits your lifestyle, and by removing the need for a commute, an online course can save you time and money. It can make it easier to squeeze an NCLEX course into a busy schedule, too. All this adds up to a course that can be easily accessible to a wide range of learners.

How can I enroll?

Varsity Tutors employs educational consultants who will be happy to discuss details about a Tulsa NCLEX class and can get you signed up easily. Classes start every month, so finding something that works for you can be quick and painless. The NCLEX is an important test on its own terms, but the skills you'll review as you get prepared can continue to pay off should you become licensed as an RN or PN, so thorough preparation can be a gift to your future self. Give Varsity Tutors a call today, and set yourself up to pursue a successful career.

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