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If you're looking for a Las Vegas USMLE course to help you prepare, Varsity Tutors can you set up with one. The United States Medical Licensing Examination, or USMLE, is taken by those wishing to become licensed medical professionals in the United States. Whether you have been studying at the University of Nevada Las Vegas School of Medicine or another area institution, you've put a lot of hard work and time into your studies so far. This exam can be a challenge to complete, and enrolling in a convenient, online course that provides a comprehensive review of the concepts covered in the USMLE can give you the confidence you need to feel prepared to take the exam.

What are some of the topics a Las Vegas USMLE course can cover?

The USMLE actually features three separate exams, or "Steps," and each one is designed to test different levels of skill that are required in the medical field. While Steps 1 and 2 can be taken out of order, most students opt to take Step 1 first. Step 3, however, can only be completed after taking the first two. It is important to note that most medical licensing authorities require you to complete all three within a seven-year period, which begins when you pass the first step. Let's take a closer look at the material covered in each Step.

Step 1, which features 280 multiple choice questions and is divided into seven 60-minute blocks, covers the basic science concepts involved in effectively practicing medicine. Step 2 comes in two parts, the first of which is the Clinical Knowledge portion. This portion consists of 316 multiple choice questions and is divided into eight 60-minute blocks. The second part is the Clinical Skills portion, which includes 12 patient cases and allows 15 minutes for each patient encounter plus 10 minutes to record each patient note. Lastly, you will take Step 3, which is taken over two days and assesses whether the student has the medical knowledge and understanding of the required sciences that are necessary for the unsupervised practice of medicine. There are plenty of topics included in all three Steps that a Las Vegas USMLE prep course can help to prepare you for, including the immune system and behavioral health.

What are the benefits of enrolling in a Las Vegas USMLE class?

Participating in a Las Vegas USMLE class will allow you to learn alongside other aspiring medical professionals with the guidance of an expert instructor. Your instructor can lead spirited discussions on the topics you need to know for the exam, including the social sciences and the endocrine system, to ensure you and your classmates get a comprehensive review of the content that will be covered. Your instructor may even decide to break the class into smaller groups and assign in-class projects to help you and your classmates gain a stronger understanding of core concepts you'll need to know in order to feel confident as you take the USMLE.

One of the greatest benefits of a Las Vegas USMLE class is the fact that they take place in a totally virtual, online classroom. This ensures that you will be able to participate and learn in a comfortable, distraction-free environment of your choosing. With the video chat function and online whiteboard feature, you will be able to see, hear, and even interact with your instructor and classmates as if you were all in a classroom together. This will allow you to receive immediate feedback from your instructor and will allow you to request more clarification on issues that you may be struggling with. Need additional assistance? Not a problem. You are even able to request one-on-one time with your instructor so you can get more personalized help in grasping topics you may be struggling with, like understanding the respiratory system.

How can I enroll in a Las Vegas USMLE course?

If you are seeking additional help as you navigate the process of obtaining your medical license in the United States, a USMLE course might be just what you need. Since courses take place totally online, you can avoid the hassle of a long commute. These courses offer more effective ways to study than you may be able to experience on your own, and with a variety of times to choose from, you should be able to find a course that fits your busy schedule. Reach out to Varsity Tutors today to sign up for a convenient, comprehensive Las Vegas USMLE course that's right for you.

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