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Varsity Tutors can help your student prepare for the ISEE with one of several in-depth Portland ISEE preparation supplements. Earning a solid ISEE score is a great way for your student to set themselves apart in the admissions process to competitive independent schools. The specific version of the exam that your student takes will depend on the grade level that they're applying to enter into. For example, students who are applying to independent high schools will take the Upper-Level ISEE.

Still, getting a great ISEE score can be a challenging thing to do since the exam tests on a number of different academic subjects. This means that a solid test preparation process is required to truly prepare for the ISEE. Varsity Tutors can provide this for your student by getting them started with a Portland ISEE prep supplement that meets their scheduling and educational needs. You can easily sign them up for this by contacting us directly today. Or, you can keep reading the sections below for more information on the ISEE and what we can do to help your student prepare for it.

What's covered on the ISEE?

The ISEE was designed to help independent elementary, middle, and high schools determine which of their applicants are most suited for success at their schools. To accomplish this goal, the exam is split into five different sections. Each section covers a different subject area so that schools can get a well-rounded sense of the strengths and weaknesses of each of their applicants. Below, you'll find a more thorough breakdown of each of the sections that your student would take if they're getting ready to take the Upper-Level ISEE.

The first part of the exam is called Verbal Reasoning. This section features 40 questions and has a time limit of 20 minutes. That means your student will need to work quickly through the section to make sure they finish everything within the time limit. The Verbal Reasoning section focuses on core English skills. Some of the main questions in this section are about completing sentences and identifying synonyms.

The second section is called Quantitative Reasoning. Here, your student will be given a chance to demonstrate their math skills. They'll answer a series of questions on topics like data analysis, probability, and problem-solving. They'll need to be knowledgeable in a number of math topics to find success on the ISEE's Quantitative Reasoning section. This is something that Varsity Tutors can help them prepare for with a Portland ISEE prep supplement.

The third section of the exam will focus on Reading Comprehension. Some of the main topics covered in this section are vocabulary, organization and logic, and main and supporting ideas. To do well on the Reading Comprehension portion of the ISEE, your student will need to be able to do things like inferring information that's not explicitly stated, identifying between the features of different literary genres, identifying cause and effect relationships, and more.

Next, your student will take the Math Achievement section of the ISEE. This section has a total of 47 questions and a time limit of 40 minutes. The purpose of this section is to assess your student's math operations skills. Some of the topics covered here are algebra, geometry, median mode, range, word problems, solving equations, and more.

Finally, your student's ISEE test will end with their Essay. They'll be given a prompt and will have 30 minutes to craft a written response to it. The prompt will give your student a chance to tell the schools they're applying to more about themselves. It will also give them a chance to demonstrate their writing skills to these schools. Your student will want to prepare themselves for this section by going over things like grammar, punctuation, and organizing an essay.

How can Varsity Tutors help your student prepare for the ISEE?

You can get your student help preparing for their upcoming ISEE by getting in touch with us today. We can get them started with a Portland ISEE prep course or connect them with a private test prep tutor. Both of these options can help them get more out of their study sessions and may make them feel more confident on the day of their exam. Below, you'll get a closer look at the unique benefits of both of these supplements.

Working with a Portland ISEE tutor could be right for your child if they've previously enjoyed working directly with their instructor. They'll be able to work with their tutor in a one-on-one environment where their needs will always remain the top priority. Your student can get a customized lesson plan from their instructor that focuses on the specific things that they need to learn more about. In all, tutoring is a completely personalized learning experience that could be just what your student needs to take their ISEE preparation process to the next level.

Another option you may be interested in is signing your student up for a Portland ISEE prep class. Classes take place on a virtual learning platform where your student will learn from an experienced instructor alongside a small group of peers. Your student can interact with the other students in their class to get a more well-rounded learning experience. Their instructor will take them on a step-by-step journey through the ISEE's subject matter and can help them develop their overall test knowledge. If your student has a hard time with one of the subjects covered in their course, then they can also sign up to work with their educator in a one-on-one setting. This makes it easy for your student to get the help they need when they need it.

How can you get started?

As detailed above, the ISEE is a challenging exam that can be hard to prepare for without any guidance. Why not let Varsity Tutors help your student get more out of their test preparation process? We can help them find the right Portland ISEE prep option for their specific needs and can get them started with it quickly. Consider reaching out to us today if you think that your child would benefit from this type of academic assistance. We'd love to work with them and hope to hear from you soon.

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