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If you are preparing to take an ASCP certification exam, you may want to reach out to Varsity Tutors to get started with Oklahoma City ASCP certification training. The ASCP or the American Society for Clinical Pathology certification exam, is designed to affirm your knowledge and skills to perform essential tasks in a medical laboratory. The exams are computer adaptive and generally take about 2.5 hours to finish. In addition to passing a certification exam, you typically have to have a combination of education and work experience. There are more than 20 exams you can take, all of which cover an extensive amount of content. If you could benefit from some guidance as you study this content, you may want to sign up for an Oklahoma City ASCP certification course.

Of the 23 possible certification exams, there are 4 in particular that are the most common. These include the PBT, HT, MLT, and MLS. The PBT exam covers concepts like the structure and function of the circulatory system, specimen suitability, and quality control, among others. The HT exam has topics about tissues, instrumentation, and procedures. MLT contains questions on urinalysis, hemostasis and coagulation, and genetics. The MLS exam is very similar to the MLT in content, but the MLT exam requires a lower level of education and training to take.

Preparing for an ASCP certification exam can be a daunting task. You will likely have a vast amount of content to review as a part of this process. Taking an Oklahoma City ASCP certification class can be helpful because an expert instructor can go over the relevant topics with you. They can hold discussions and lectures with you about all of the content that may show up on the exam. If you and your classmates are struggling with anything in particular, your instructor can zero in on that topic to facilitate understanding. You can also engage in class discussions and activities with your classmates, which can give you insight into how others study and articulate the concepts. If you are having trouble understanding a specific concept, you can meet your instructor after class for further clarification.

While you may have worked on developing test-taking skills at Oklahoma City University or the University of Central Oklahoma, it may be useful to review strategies in relation to your specific certification exam. Questions on standardized exams tend to be quite complex. It can be useful to go over strategies for pulling out relevant details from questions and passages. There may be questions on your exam that you're unsure about. If this happens, rather than just making a random guess, your instructor can go over ways of eliminating clearly wrong answers by looking for contextual clues in passages and questions. It can also be helpful to take practice tests so you can get the timing of your exam down. You will only have a limited amount of time to complete the exam, so it can be beneficial to map out how much time you can spend on each question.

A major roadblock to studying for an ASCP certification exam is finding the time to do so. You may have family or work responsibilities that fill up much of your schedule, but this shouldn't stop you from studying for your exam because you can attend an ASCP certification test completely online. You don't have to travel to attend class because you can just participate from your house. If you could use some assistance as you prepare for your ASCP certification exam, you should consider contacting Varsity Tutors to begin Oklahoma City ASCP certification training.

ASCP Certifications

  • Phlebotomy Technician (PBT)
  • Donor Phlebotomy Technician (DPT)
  • Histotechnician (HT)
  • Medical Laboratory Assistant (MLA)
  • Medical Laboratory Technician (MLT)
  • Medical Laboratory Scientist (MLS)
  • Cytotechnologist (CT)
  • Histotechnologist (HTL)
  • Technologist in Blood Banking (BB)
  • Technologist in Chemistry (C)
  • Technologist in Cytogenetics (CG)
  • Technologist in Hematology (H)
  • Technologist in Microbiology (M)
  • Technologist in Molecular Biology (MB)
  • Specialist in Blood Banking (SBB)
  • Specialist in Chemistry (SC)
  • Specialist in Cytotechnology (SCT)
  • Specialist in Cytometry (SCYM)
  • Specialist in Hematology (SH)
  • Specialist in Microbiology (SM)
  • Specialist in Molecular Biology (SMB)
  • Pathologists' Assistant (PA)
  • Diplomate in Laboratory Management (DLM)

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