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For those individuals working as pathologists or laboratory professionals and looking to earn certification with the American Society for Clinical Pathology, Varsity Tutors is here to offer the opportunity to take part in Boston ASCP certification training. This method of preparation could help you to improve your knowledge and confidence with the material before you take your certification exam. The ASCP is the largest membership organization for these types of professionals in the entire world. Earning a credential through their Board of Certification displays that you have the required skills to perform essential tasks in a medical laboratory. Becoming certified has other tangible benefits, such as opening you up to a new range of job prospects and providing you with leverage that you can utilize to negotiate a higher rate of pay. There are more than 20 different types of ASCP certifications, each covering their own range of subject matter. No matter what your current skill level is or which specific certification exam you are preparing to take, one method that could be helpful in reaching for your goals is participating in one of our online prep courses.

One of the great aspects of a Boston ASCP certification course is the flexibility that it provides. Due to the fact that your lessons can be carried out entirely in an online setting, you will be able to gain access to your learning environment from the comfort of your living room, your favorite cafe, or anywhere else that has a strong internet connection. Not having to worry about a commute makes your course more accessible and means the time dedicated to your studies can be spent more efficiently.

You surely have a schedule already full of both personal and professional obligations. These can be the kinds of obstacles that often prevent individuals from participating in a supplemental study course. This is why we provide a variety of options that ensure nearly anyone who wants to take part has the opportunity to do so. New sections of our courses begin each month, meaning that instruction is never far off when you are looking for it. You get to choose between signing up for a two-week or a four-week course depending on the immediate availability you have and how densely you would like your lessons packed together. There are also multiple sections that run concurrently at different times on different days of the week, allowing you to select one that fits conveniently into your life.

Different certification examinations have their own prerequisites, but each exam has multiple "routes" that you can follow in order to qualify. These are typically a combination of certain levels of education, specialized training, and professional experience. Many ASCP certifications, but not all, require that you possess a bachelor's degree and at least six months of experience working in a medical laboratory.

While the time you have spent in classrooms at institutions like Harvard University or Boston University or in a professional working environment has surely prepared you for some of the material that you will end up seeing on exam day, there will likely be subject areas present on the exam that you either are not familiar with or are not entirely fresh in your mind. This is where the instructor of your Boston ASPC certification course can be extremely useful. Experienced instructors can instruct you and your classmates about the topics that are commonly present on the exam you are preparing for. Working collaboratively through group discussions and activities can allow you to see the relevant material from new perspectives, which could potentially open up new levels of understanding. If you end up leaving your course lessons with an incomplete understanding of a certain topic, you will have the opportunity to request one-on-one time with your instructor that can be dedicated to your specific needs. The combination of these two approaches is intended to provide a well-rounded study experience.

The various American Society for Clinical Pathology certification exams each cover their own range of material. The four most commonly attempted certifications are Medical Laboratory Scientist, Medical Laboratory Technician, Phlebotomy Technician, and Histotechnician. As an example, the Medical Laboratory Scientist, or MLS, certification exam encompasses content areas like Blood Banking, Chemistry, Immunology, and Laboratory Operations. In order to perform well and earn your certification, you will need to have extensive knowledge of everything from the proper storage methods for donated blood to the various states of many other bodily fluids. While you may have some of these topics mastered, Boston ASPC certification training has the potential to reinforce your strengths and fill in the gaps regarding your weaknesses.

When you participate in a Boston ASPC certification class, your instructor can not only help you prepare for the material that you will likely see on exam day but also let you know what to expect in terms of rules and format. While there is some variance, most of the certification exams are administered over the course of two and a half hours and consist of 100 questions. They are conducted through Computer Adaptive Testing, which means that the exam is conducted on a computer and adapts itself as you work your way through it. When you answer a question correctly it is likely to be followed by a more difficult question, while incorrect answers prompt easier questions. Exam participants do have the opportunity to go back and change their answers if there is time left at the end of the exam.

Your Boston ASPC certification class instructor can help you prepare for this exam, and the challenges it presents. There are often strategies that you can employ on exam day in order to leverage the exam against itself when you encounter difficult questions. No matter how thoroughly you prepare, there may still be sections that arise in which you are not entirely confident. In these situations, it is helpful to know some tips that can still give you a good chance of arriving at the correct answers.

When you are heading toward an examination that can have this big of an influence on the future of your career and life, there is no reason you need to do it alone. Taking part in Boston ASPC certification training can give you all of the tools that you need to head into exam day with confidence. You, your instructor, and your classmates can all share what you have found to be the best practices to master the material, as well as prepare for how your exam will be administered.

Regardless of which ASPC certification you are aiming to earn and why are aiming to earn it, one resource that could give you the best chance to do as well as possible on the certification exam is Boston ASPC certification training. If the services provided by Varsity Tutors sound like they could benefit you as you go through the preparation process and exam day nears, consider reaching out to one of our educational consultants to get started. You can receive more information regarding these services or get yourself signed up for the assistance you need by contacting us online or by phone today. Do not hesitate to seek out the help that you are looking for.

ASCP Certifications

  • Phlebotomy Technician (PBT)
  • Donor Phlebotomy Technician (DPT)
  • Histotechnician (HT)
  • Medical Laboratory Assistant (MLA)
  • Medical Laboratory Technician (MLT)
  • Medical Laboratory Scientist (MLS)
  • Cytotechnologist (CT)
  • Histotechnologist (HTL)
  • Technologist in Blood Banking (BB)
  • Technologist in Chemistry (C)
  • Technologist in Cytogenetics (CG)
  • Technologist in Hematology (H)
  • Technologist in Microbiology (M)
  • Technologist in Molecular Biology (MB)
  • Specialist in Blood Banking (SBB)
  • Specialist in Chemistry (SC)
  • Specialist in Cytotechnology (SCT)
  • Specialist in Cytometry (SCYM)
  • Specialist in Hematology (SH)
  • Specialist in Microbiology (SM)
  • Specialist in Molecular Biology (SMB)
  • Pathologists' Assistant (PA)
  • Diplomate in Laboratory Management (DLM)

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