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If you're in need of some support as you approach your bar exam preparation, Varsity Tutors can connect you with top-tier Oklahoma bar exam tutoring. Whether you're just beginning to study and aren't sure where to start or are coming up on the finish line and want to double down, we can match you with a seasoned private instructor who can serve as a guide through your studies. To learn more about how the tutoring process works, what benefits can be derived, and how to get the ball rolling, read on.

What is on the Oklahoma bar exam?

You must pass the bar exam if you want to practice law in the state of Oklahoma. Unfortunately, the state has not adopted the Universal Bar Exam (UBE), which means if you've previously passed the bar in another state, you'll need to take it again. It also means that adequate preparation specific to the requirements of the Oklahoma bar exam is essential.

The Oklahoma bar exam is administered over two days. On day one, you'll face 16 essay questions as part of the Oklahoma Essay Exam (OEE), blocked out into an AM and PM session. On day two, you'll take the Multistate Bar Exam (MBE), which features 200 multiple-choice questions. Each day is weighted at 50% of a possible 2400 points. While you must receive 75% cumulatively between the two days to pass, you must also explicitly score 75% on the subject of the Oklahoma Rules of Professional Conduct. You must also pass the Multistate Professional Responsibility Exam with a score of 75, but this is administered separately.

The Oklahoma bar exam is given once a year, and the associated fee is $400 for non-attorneys and $1,100 for attorneys. With costs and stakes like these, investing in Oklahoma bar exam tutoring we connect you to can be a smart call.

How can working with Oklahoma bar exam tutors help me get ready for the tests?

Preparing for the bar exam can be overwhelming. There's a great deal of complex material to review and no shortage of preparation options. From textbooks to prep courses, there are a number of solutions competing for your attention, each promising they can deliver the goods. When you let us sign you up for Oklahoma bar exam training, though, the process is simplified. You can be confident you're receiving a thorough review of the relevant material from an educational professional.

Varsity Tutors works to thoroughly vet all Oklahoma bar exam tutors to make sure they have the knowledge and experience necessary to be an asset to your preparation efforts. When we set you up with a tutor, you have regular, one-on-one access to an expert on everything from constitutional law to torts. We also assess them based on their communication skills to make sure they can effectively share their insights, answering your toughest questions and clarifying subjects you find confusing.

Your Oklahoma bar exam coach can work with you to build a custom study plan. Because of the individual nature of these sessions, they can spend time getting to know you, your strengths, and your weaknesses. From there, they can help you design SMART (specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and timely) goals that can serve as an outline for the work ahead. This kind of structure establishes clear expectations, helps you track your progress, and can keep you motivated and working towards the next milestone. The process of setting and tackling these goals also provides valuable lessons you can apply to other academic and professional challenges.

The review offered by Oklahoma bar exam tutors can prepare you for both the substance and structure of the exam. They can ask nuanced questions about the particulars of topics like family law to test your recall, which can help you get ready for the specificity of the MBE. They can provide more abstract lines of questioning to assess your ability to apply that knowledge to different kinds of scenarios, which can help you sharpen the critical thinking skills you'll need on the OEE. The personal, interactive, and in-depth nature of this sort of review is something you can't get from something like a prep book or prerecorded web course.

Oklahoma bar exam tutoring we help you find can be tailored to your specific learning needs. When you sign up for a prep class, there's a set curriculum. Your instructor has an entire class of students to cater to. But with Oklahoma bar exam training, the only person your tutor has to worry about is you. If you already have a grip on the ins and outs of civil procedure, there's no reason to continue to study the subject, especially if that time could be better spent on a topic where you're struggling. Your tutor has the flexibility to pivot, allowing you to study more efficiently.

Oklahoma bar exam preparation can be further tailored to your learning preferences. If you're more of an aural learner, your tutor can suggest tactics like mnemonic devices to help with memorization. If you're more of a visual learner, tools like flashcards or approaches like the memory palace technique might be suggested. If you're a more conceptual learner, your tutor might lean on the Socratic method to help you improve your critical thinking skills. This kind of customization can improve your information retention and make your time together even more impactful.

Oklahoma bar exam tutors can work with you on practice tests. This is a crucial part of preparation as it exposes you to the phrasing you're likely to encounter on the test and the structure of different sections. It gives you a chance to get used to finishing a test in a limited amount of time. Your tutor can review the results with you, giving you the ability to monitor your progress, identify subjects where you need additional study time, and discuss mistakes to strengthen your understanding. They can also introduce test-taking strategies like pacing techniques and anxiety-reduction methods to help bolster your confidence going into the test.

How can I fit Oklahoma bar exam tutoring into my schedule?

When we look to connect you with Oklahoma bar exam tutors, it's always on your terms. You decide whether you would like online or in-person tutoring. We then work to pair you with a tutor whose schedule aligns with your own. This way you don't need to rearrange your life just to get a little help.

If you choose online tutoring, you can pick where you'd like to work from. The Live Learning Platform lets you connect with your tutor from anywhere with internet access, allowing you to coordinate using powerful tools like video chat, the virtual whiteboard, and document sharing. All sessions are recorded so you can go back and review them whenever you like.

How can I get enrolled in Oklahoma bar exam training?

If you're ready to invest in the bar exam preparation you deserve, our educational consultants can provide more information about how it works, what your options are, and how to get going. There's no reason to put it off! Reach out to Varsity Tutors right away by phone or online and you could be matched with an expert Oklahoma bar exam coach in as little as 24 hours!

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