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Varsity Tutors is ready to help you prepare for the C2 Proficiency exam with a C2 prep course. If you're looking to gain admission to a degree program at the highest levels in England, a C2 class could be just the thing to help you feel ready to tackle the exam with confidence. Contact our Educational Directors today so we can put you into a C2 prep class that is individualized to you.

The advantages of C2 Proficiency certification are plentiful. It means that you have the English language skills you need to participate in and understand postgraduate and PhD level degree programs. C2 courses are all about putting you in the position to do your best on the exam, and the personalized support and guidance you receive from your instructor let you focus on building the language skills you need.

C2 prep courses help you work on developing English language skills sufficient for discussing complex or sensitive issues, comprehend advanced curricula, and otherwise communicate in the language at an exceptional level. this is not only useful to studying advanced degrees but in your future career. That's why working alongside an expert who can identify your biggest needs and put together C2 prep courses that concentrate on filling any learning gaps could be maximally beneficial.

The C2 Proficiency exam covers a comprehensive set of English language skills. Here's a breakdown of the sections you and your C2 class instructor could cover:

Exam Format:

Paper Time
# Parts # Questions
Reading and Use of English 1 Hour 30 Minutes 7 53
Writing 1 Hour 30 Minutes 2 -
Listening 40 Minutes 4 30
Speaking 16 Minutes 3 -

In addition to helping you drill on all of the sections above, C2 prep courses can help you build test-taking, time management, and test anxiety compensation skills. Part of doing well on exams is feeling confident in your abilities and ready to tackle the challenge, and your tutor is ready to help you do just that. Tutors can teach to your primary learning style, helping you learn efficiently and comfortably. The exam also lasts for several hours, so building robust test-taking skills could help you remain calm and focused throughout the rigors of the test.

The C2 Proficiency exam expects you to demonstrate your skills across all senses, from reading and understanding English to communicating aurally with your test administrator. Here are some of the technical language skills you can work on during C2 classes:


  • Reading and Use of English
    • Part 1: Multiple-choice cloze
    • Part 2: Open cloze
    • Part 3: Word formation
    • Part 4: Key word transformations
    • Part 5: Multiple choice
    • Part 6: Gapped text
    • Part 7: Multiple matching
  • Writing
  • Listening
    • Part 1: Multiple choice
    • Part 2: Sentence completion
    • Part 3: Multiple choice
    • Part 4: Multiple matching
  • Speaking
    • Part 1: Interview
    • Part 2: Collaborative task
    • Part 3: Long turn and discussion

Another advantage of your own customized C2 course is that you can study on your terms. Classes move at your pace, giving you ample opportunity to drill on your speaking skills while practicing the collaborative and individual discussion tasks before moving on to something else. If you're already comfortable with speaking, you can work on reading comprehension or another area. If you're not sure where you should be focusing, a tutor can identify how sessions should progress to keep you building towards your potential.

C2 courses are also convenient to schedule. We'll set you up with someone who has the proper skills, and you can work out a time with them that fits best into your availability. If you're ready to get started with your C2 prep classes, reach out to Varsity Tutors today.

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