Digital Video and Images Tools

Note: this page links to explanations for specific software applications. For lesson plans and resources for assignments, try the Digital Storytelling page.

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Digital Images

Photo-editing, logos, web templates, filters, color palettes, screen capture, music creator, audio editor, and more.

Start with a photo. Add a mouth and start talking!

A free online editor with multiple effects and layers. Works online, no need to download software. Users can save online or to their own computer.

Download this free software for image editing. Offers multiple effects and layers.

Annotation: Day Three
Teaching students to analyze a photograph? You'll find great ideas here: checklists of what to look for, suggestions for structuring a written response, and links to photo archives.

This online image editor allows users to add effects.

Photoscape for Windows
Download this free software for image editing. Effects include frames, balloons, and filters.

A free basic editor that allows users to save to their own computers or online. No need to download software.

Digital Video

Any Video Converter
Would you like your video to be in a different format? Use the free version of this product to convert it.

Easy online video editor. Apply for free educator account here.

Audio Media Resources
If your students are making digital videos, they will want music. At this site find links to royalty-free music.

AVS Video Editor
At this site download free video editing software.

Digitales Storymaking Steps
Downloadable handouts to help students plan storyboards, images, and music.

Free Video Converter
You shot video in one format, but you need to convert it to another? Click here.

How to Find Free Music for Videos
This page explains types of licenses for music use, include Creative Commons, and links to sites that offer music for use, explaining the type of license for each.

A great tool for screen captures. Free version available; requires download.

Video Toolbox
This site enables students to upload and edit their videos. It requires an account, but it’s free.

How to use Windows Movie Maker
This page offers step-by-step instructions with links to additional explanation. Windows Movie Maker is free software available for use in Windows XP and Vista. Always use the most recent software.

We Video
Online video editor, free for individual users, reasonable fee for schools. If your students have their own email addresses and are of the appropriate age, the free version will work.

Windows Movie Maker Video Tutorials
Follow the links to a series of short videos demonstrating how to use Windows Movie Maker.

YouTube Audio Library
A variety of royalty-free music tracks for background music. Requires Google account for access.

Digital Storytelling

Digital Storytelling