Digital Storytelling

Note: this page links to assignments and assessment tools. For information about how to use specific software applications, check Technology Integration .

5 Ways To Enhance Instruction with Digital Narratives
Tips for success as teachers integrate digital storytelling in the classroom.

10 Tips for Dramatically Improving Your Videojournalism Stories
Many of these tips also apply to digital storytelling.

Book Talks
Students are required to read a novel of their choice. Students will then demonstrate an understanding of that novel by creating a book talk. In the book talk, students will be required to give an overview of the book, read two passages, and give an overall critique of the book. Students will create a Photostory for the presentation.

Capture Wales
An outstanding example of digital storytelling.

The Clues to a Great Story
One-page handout with 5 essential elements for good storytelling. Uses "The Ugly Duckling" and more contemporary stories for examples.

Everything you need to help students craft a digital story is here: models, procedures, rubrics.

Digital Storytelling
This collection of links includes classroom applications and an FAQ list.

Digital Storytelling
This site offers practical tips with wit and insight.

Digital Storytelling Finds its Place in the Classroom
A teacher talks about digital storytelling in his classroom and offers step-by-step advice for those who'd like to try it in theirs.

Digital Storytelling Resource Kit
Tech4Learning offers "how-to" articles, samples, and lesson plans for digital storytelling. Registration required.

Digital Storytelling with the iPad
Follow the links on the left for a list of resources.

Educational Uses of Digital Storytelling
It's all here: introduction, getting started, examples, resources, and more.

Get Started with Digital Storytelling
An overview of the process.

How to Find Free Music for Videos
This page explains types of licenses for music use, include Creative Commons, and links to sites that offer music for use, explaining the type of license for each.

Interviewing Guide
This 5-page handout includes tips for a good interview and includes a model. It is designed for grades 6-12 and requires Adobe Reader for access.

Personal Narrative and Digital Storytelling
A teacher details her planning for a classroom multimedia unit on personal narrative. Adobe Reader required for access.

Use the art on the site to illustrate or inspire student storytelling. Good for elementary students or those writing for them.

That's the Story of My Life: Creating Storyboards for Graphic Novels About Adolescence
Students consider stories about adolescence and adolescents, and then fictionalize a scene from their lives in storyboards for graphic novels.

YouTube Audio Library
A variety of royalty-free music tracks for background music. Requires Google account for access.