Paul Fleischman
Lesson plans for Seedfolks and other books

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Biography and Background

Paul Fleischman's Official Website
Biography and lots of information about the author's books.

Animal Hedge

Animal Hedge Activities to build skills in math, art, writing, and career exploration. Adobe Reader required for access, 1 page.

Bull Run

Civil War Letters
Students will read letters written during the Civil War. Referring to their knowledge about the Civil War, they’ll develop a clear understanding of the message of the letter. They will edit the letters for mechanics and create a dramatic reading based on their letter. Then students will create their own Civil War dramas, using a fictional letter they create. Designed for grades 5-8.

The Civil War through a Child's Eye
"Following an introduction to the Civil War using photographic, daguerreotype, and non-fiction sources, students read Paul Fleischman's Bull Run in Readers Theater format. Next, students examine and interpret primary source images of Civil War era children. Then students reveal their understanding of a child's perspective in a literary portrait." This lesson is designed for grades 6-8.

Joyful Noise

Multipurpose Poetry: Introducing Science Concepts and Increasing Fluency
Students use poems from Joyful Noise as part of a choral reading about insects.


A variety of reading strategies, including an anticipation guide, a KWHL activity, and a directed reading-thinking activity. Adobe Reader required for access.

Activities on observing the natural world and specific questions related to the book. Printable handouts included. Adobe Reader required; 7 pages.


Reading strategies, including an anticipation guide, a directed reading-thinking activity, and vocabulary Bingo.

10 questions to help students explore the novel.

Synopsis, prereading activity, thematic and interdisciplinary connections, and vocabulary words.