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Beginning Moodle

Moodle in the Classroom
An 8th grade teacher explains how she uses Moodle in her classroom. This 7-minute YouTube video is for beginners.

Moodle Tool Guide for Teachers
Click on the poster icon for a comparison of different tools/modules and their effectiveness. Includes discussion of the tool and its relationship to Bloom's Taxonomy. Good for beginners and veterans.

Teaching FAQ
A great resource for beginners. Scroll to #4, "Learning with Moodle - pedagogy" for a classroom focus.

Using Moodle

Teachers share their Moodle sites and lessons. Get some great ideas, and share yours!

What is Moodle?

Explanation at Wikipedia.

Moodle explained with LEGO short version
This 3-minute YouTube video explains the application by comparing it to Legos.

Moodle Presentation
This 3-minute YouTube video is designed as an introduction to Moodle.