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Author Study/General Resources

This site from PBS includes lesson plans and other activities and resources.

Author Study: Marc Brown
This handout includes a unit plan and graphic organizer. Access requires MS Word or compatible application.

A Video Interview with Marc Brown
Links to short interviews with the author and illustrator of the Arthur books.

Arthur Lessons

Arthur's Family Vacation
This unit is designed for a study of Alabama, but the concepts are adaptable to any location.

Arthur's Nose
Students respond to the story through art, music, and writing.

It Doesn't Have to End That Way: Using Prediction Strategies with Literature
This lesson uses Arthur's Computer Disaster . "After listening to the beginning of a story, students use details in the text, personal experience, and prior knowledge to predict the way the story will end."

Arthur's Pet Business
Comprehension questions with an emphasis on economic concepts of profit, human resources, supply and demand, and entrepreneur.

Arthur's TV Trouble
Comprehension questions with an emphasis on economic concepts of opportunity cost and supply and demand.

Other Books

Marc Brown & Judy Sierra: Book Fest 08
Marc Brown and Judy Sierra field questions in this 41-minute videocast from the Library of Congress.