Jack London
Lesson plans for The Call of the Wild and other works

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Biography and Background

The Jack London Collection
Extensive site, including biography, images, e-texts, advice for teachers, help for students.

The Life of Jack London as Reflected in his Works
Extensive biography.

Miles Canyon, Yukon, Canada
What does the Yukon look like? Photo and additional information.

Sled Dogs of the Arctic Circle
This downloadable video (7:17) explores the strength and social structure of sled dogs and the role of the dogs in Inuit society. Scroll down for discussion questions and a transcript.

The Call of the Wild

Click here: these lesson plans are on a separate page.

"To Build a Fire"

Click here: these lesson plans are on a separate page.

White Fang

Investigating Jack London's White Fang : Nature and Culture Detectives
Students explore images from the Klondike and practice close reading to learn how to define and differentiate the terms nature and culture .

White Fang
Online text.

White Fang
Text in multiple formats, including HTML, ePub, and plain text.

White Fang
Background information, discussion questions and learning activities. Three pages, Adobe Reader required for access.

White Fang Activity Book
Support activities organized by chapter with emphasis on reading comprehension and language skills. Adobe Reader required, 25 pages.

Other Stories

"The Shadow and the Flash"
Text of the story.

Introduction and text of the story, available in both PDF and Google Docs formats. The story has an ironic ending that might pair well with Ambrose Bierce's "A Horseman in the Sky."

"The White Silence"
Text of the story online and in PDF and Google Docs format.