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Business Letter Format

Business Letter Basics
Examples of structure and two sample letters.

Business Letter Format
Models of both block and indented formats. from Merit Audio Visual
An online interactive tutorial site that takes students through the process of writing business letters.

Business Letter Writing Basics
This site includes tips on phrasing and links to additional letter forms.

Motivating ESL/EFL Students to Write a Complaint Letter
This excellent idea is not limited to ESL/EFL classrooms. Students take their letters of complaint one step further by acting out a phone interview.

Teacher Cover Letters
Model letters for a variety of situations.


Career Discovery: Preparing a Résumé
Middle school students examine the need to prepare a resume and the potential consequences of giving false information in a resume. Using an online resume wizard designed for middle schoolers, students prepare their first resume. This lesson plan is designed for 7th grade.

Free Résumé Samples
Links to tips and, to the left, sample résumés for different career fields.

Free Résumé Templates
279 professional resume samples in Word.

How to Write a Masterpiece of a Résumé
Useful suggestions from the business world for writing a resume.

Résumé Help
Examples, tips, and a template to build a résumé. Follow the link for help with constructing a cover letter.

Résumé examples, free cover letter examples, articles and advice on résumé writing.