Jerome Lawrence, Robert E. Lee
Lesson plans and teaching resources for Inherit the Wind

Inherit the Wind
Learning activities here include practice with plot diagram/summary; character maps; themes, motifs, and symbols; conflict; more. Note: sponsored link.

Inherit the Wind returns to Broadway
This 5-minute audio clip from NPR explores the play's history and its modern relevance.

Monkey Trial
This site supports the PBS film about the Scopes Trial. Activities 1 and 2 under "history" support language arts learning objectives.

Movie Speech from Inherit the Wind
In this clip from the 1960 movie, Henry Drummond questions Matthew Brady about the scientific accuracy of the Bible. The clip is just under 17 minutes long. Scroll down to read the script. Requires Windows Media Video or MP3 player (audio only).

Scopes Trial Home Page from "Famous Trials in American History"
Documents related to the trial that inspired Inherit the Wind , including the Tennessee anti-evolution statute, scathing reports from the town by H. L. Mencken, editorial cartoons, photos, biographies, and excerpts from the trial transcript.

Vocabulary for Inherit the Wind
A collection of 180 words from the play, organized by scene, presented in context and with definitions. Click on a word for pronunciation, examples of recent use, more.