Lesson plans and teaching resources

Baseball Homophones
This printable worksheet has 10 sentences for student practice and an answer key. Adobe Reader required for access.

Homophone Car Rally Game
In this online game students have one minute to select the right homophone for each sentence. Headphones may be helpful. This site has ads.

Homophone Clues
In this 2-page worksheet, students are given the definitions to 15 pairs of homophones and must identify each one correctly. Includes answer key. Adobe Reader required for access.

Homophone Worksheets
5 printable worksheets and answer keys for grades 4-8. Access requires Adobe Reader.

In this video (1:29) two singers introduce students to the definition of homophones and to specific examples: read and red , here and hear , know and no , right and write , meet and meat .

There , Their , and They're Worksheet
Printable worksheet. Adobe Reader required.

To , Too , or Two : Developing an Understanding of Homophones
In this minilesson, students begin by generating a list of homophones with which they are familiar. Students then listen to a song, identify homophones in the song, and discuss their meaning and spelling. Finally, student groups create a skit that depicts the meaning of a homophone. As the group performs the skit, their classmates attempt to guess the homophone that is on display. Groups finish the lesson by creating a comic strip version of their skit to be compiled into a class "homophone book." Designed for grades 3-5.

Who are they?
This lesson plan emphasizes there/their/they're . Access requires Adobe Reader.