Harry, the Dirty Dog by Gene Zion
Lesson plans and teaching resources

Harry, the Dirty Dog
Teaching resources include a video of actor Betty White reading the story aloud and additional activities , including discussion questions, writing, and research. The video runs 4:52 and resides at YouTube. The additional activities require Adobe Reader for access.

Harry, the Dirty Dog
Summary, analysis, and 3 sets of discussion questions based on themes in the story.

Harry, the Dirty Dog
A variety of learning activities addressing multiple curriculum areas. 25 pages; Adobe Reader required.

Harry, the Dirty Dog
Vocabulary words, questions and activities emphasizing literacy and thinking skills, and a printable graphic organizer.

Harry, the Dirty Dog
These activities emphasize sequencing, counting, looking for patterns, and the letter &'D." barAdobe Reader required.

Harry, the Dirty Dog
Suggestions for before-, during-, and after the story. Designed for use with a video but will also work with a read-sloud. One page; Adobe Reader required.

Harry, the Dirty Dog : Story and activities
This file contains a link to a read-aloud of the story Harry, the Dirty Dog and reading/language followup activities for K-3, ELD, and special education classes. Designed for use with a SMART board.

Harry, the Dirty Dog
In this craft activity students make a "hot dog booklet" using white, gray, and black to show changes in Harry. Includes pictures and link to tutorial.

A Preschool Lesson using Harry, the Dirty Dog Stories to Teach Vocabulary and Word Recognition
By the end of this lesson plan, children learn the story, understand problem solving and play preschool activities based on Zion's story. Uses flash cards, a game like "Duck, Duck, Goose" called "Duck, Duck, Harry", and discussion questions.

Three Preschool Sequencing Activities Using Harry the Dirty Dog Stories
Students put pictures in sequence, make a chart, and participate in a sand and water activity.

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